Continental 737 Training Insight


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May 10, 2005
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Just applied for a job with CAL in the 737 trng department. Can anyone give me any insight as to how CAL conducts 737 trng? FTD, AQP, Course duration-footprint?

Any contacts within the training dept?



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Nov 5, 2002
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The B737 program is AQP. Many different levels with regards to what course your in ie., requal, initial, etc. As an example, initial onto the aircraft CO runs,

7to8 days of CBT, supplemented with classroom discussion with ground instruction.
4 FTD periods facilitated with a ground instructor, reviewing items such a system operation, and flows, and sop's, with a validation period.
Computer based Oral
2 more FTD periods and a validation with a flight instructor.
4 full flight sims, then a menuvers validation, and a validation loft as the rating ride.

I found that the CBTs mixed with classroom review and the FTD(a) were a good process towards the electronic oral.

The training center in IAH is first class, as I am sure all other large airline operations are. As someone who has used the old training system as well as AQP, well you just can't compare. And for everyone who you hear bitch about training sucks, I have to say with a open, positive attitude, there is something to learn everytime, and CO does a nice job at it.

And the Fleet Manager on the B737 (Cliff) is also a very proffesional individual. Good luck, and if you know how to do the Stby Pwr. CK, great. Lol!