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CC-FX3 IPad and IPhone Mounts

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Sep 14, 2023
I have a FX3 coming early next year and would appreciate any thoughts on the best places to mount and IPad and phone without blocking the IFR panel. I appreciate any creative ideas.
Currently I’m using a quadlock mount attached to the right side frame for my iPhone. now that quadlock has a iPad mini mount I might try that this winter, but I think most of us have found it’s difficult to mount an iPad without it obstructing the panel.
I did use a RAM mount at one point but found the quad lock to work better for me.

I do the same as @Tsquared and use the clamp below which attaches to the rail you can barely see in the picture above below the key area.

Amazon product ASIN B01GQE7506
From a survival standpoint, of which I wear a fishing vest with survival gear, the phone should really be on me, in the vest. I bought an iPad Mini 6gen when I got my plane but it's been challenging figuring out where to mount it without blocking something. Even the phone makes access to the key a little harder but I can reach over it at runup and it's fine. I use a medium arm on my RAM mount and an X-Grip. I like the quad lock like @Tsquared uses but it blocks the wireless charging capability and it's heavier than my TPU clear silicone so I went back to the x-grip mount.

I've been exploring the iPad Mini using a long arm in the area of the phone mount and think it will work but I'm so used to my iPhone Pro MAX it's hard to switch but we'll see.

Moral is you don't need a phone or tablet with a panel such as this (G3X). I don't believe you're getting the GNC 355 per our phone conversation but you'll have your com radio there but don't need to even have that as you can control all from the G3X where as the GNC 355 provides additional info such as an ADS-B scope, map data, etc.

Small cockpit loaded with avionics, first world problems, but challenging and the goal is not to add any more blind spots than necessary. Some mount their phones or tablets to a rail above the dash which I think is a bad idea due to blind spots having lost two good friends in an A-10 mid-air long ago from blind spot issues from canopy rails. My GoPro for example, on the upper left rail is a blind spot and slightly concerning but I'm aware.

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