Bose Pro Flight Headsets


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Mar 25, 2006
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I am a 787 First Officer for a US Airline. I recently purchased the Bose Pro Flight Headset and absolutely love them! I love the light weigh, comfort, and overall quality of these headsets. I recently wore these headsets on a 13 hour flight and absolutely loved them. The ANR (noise canceling) feature is great! There are 3 different settings that all serve their purpose. The "high” ANR feature is great while in flight. The "medium" ANR feature is also great in flight or on the ground but does not quite give you the quality noise canceling as the "high" setting. What I really like is the "low" ANR setting for situations when you need to hear the other crew members speak while still getting a low noise canceling feature. The headset also has a "double tap" feature. You can double tap your ear bud and it mutes the noise canceling on that ear so you can hear the other crew members with ease. Awesome!

Another amazing feature of the Pro Flight is the blue tooth capability. There are 3 different settings with the blue tooth. You can use the mix feature which allows you to listen to anything that is streamed via blue tooth as well as ATC. The second feature will mute the blue tooth when ATC is broadcasting. The third setting turns off the blue tooth.

I am very impressed with the Pro Flight and highly recommend it! This headset exceeded my expectations in every way!