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AvGas dye stain

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FI Supporter
Jul 4, 2023
Type aircraft owned
CCX-2000 FX3
Base airport
Private SLE
So here's the problem: I filled my tanks up fully at about 70 F, I went on a three week cruise and while I was gone we had very hot 100 F weather. Some of the fuel must have leaked out through the vent and the dye in the fuel did quite the stain job on my paint. I have tried AvGas as a solvent, 409, rubbing compound - anybody had this? any suggestions
Yes, there is something that will take it out. I can't remember the name and it has to be diluted as it will take the paint with it. @craig.roser what was that stuff you used?

...I found it in my Amazon order list. MEK is the name, I'm not sure how to use it properly for this application. Craig???

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)​

Amazon product
Planning a small test area first - already ordered from Amazon.

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