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Another lame which airline? AW or Comair

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I am brand new to the airline industry. So far, I've met a lot of different people from a lot of different airlines, including Air Wisconsin. However, I had my first contact with Comair just recently. I was riding on a hotel shuttle the other day with a Comair crew and it turned out to be the worst interactive experience I have had with so-called "professional" pilots. The conversation basically consisted of how great Comair is and how bad my company is. "You aren't as good as us." "I don't see how you can be making money." "You took our routes" (whining like a baby). The 5-minute shuttle turned out to be a trash-my-airline festival. I must say, I held Comair in high regard before that experience, but that is completely shot to he** now. I hope that this is not typical of the rest of the company. Probably just a couple of bitter guys knowing they'll never see the majors. It left a bad taste in my mouth for Comair nonetheless. The Air Wisconsin crews I have talked to were all extremely nice people. We all just need to remember that we are all just people doing a job. We are not gods because we fly an airplane. If you think your company is better than mine, be mature and keep it to yourself.

Anyway, based on that experience, I would definitely take AWAC over Comair.

Now you know why Delta's MEC is not in favor of granting Comair pilots preferential hiring - ARROGANCE.... In another recent case, a Comair captain refused a Delta pilot a jump seat DESPITE open seats in the back of the RJ - he refused to let him on the aircraft even though he was commuting to work and had to get on the flight - he missed the flight.

Avrodriver - I would go with Air Wisconsin - seems like a happier group of pilots there. Plus, if you are interested in Delta down the line, at least you would have a CHANCE...

Hello, sorry about your bad experience in the van. It sounds like it wasn't someone you would like to fly with, huh? I guess as long as there are people, we are going to have many personalities and there are many because we are all different.

You said that they said "you took our routes", oh well. That is business, we all just work where we work, we don't make those decisions. They weren't complaining about all the routes Comair has "taken" from Delta. So no, "you" didn't take our routes. Delta (just a company) decided to give you the routes. This is just business and we should all get used to it.

I hate to see people are grouping each other in this industry like we do. We all made choices and we work where we work. If maybe people in the van didn't group people like yourself, then you all could have had a more pleasant conversation.

This point I am making is "sorry" on behalf of those at Comair that feel the same.

Take Care,

Dave Williams (Comair)

Thanks for your comments. I'm glad to interact with someone else at Comair, someone more sensible than the people I met in the van. Perhaps I was hasty with my comments before, but I believe that pilots are supposed to represent their companies with dignity and respect. I am proud of who I work for and I respect those who work elsewhere. I take offense to anyone who thinks it is necessary to berate someone who is doing the same job at a different place. We pilots are part of an exclusive club, and we should be grateful to be a part of it.

Anyway, I appreciate your apology on behalf of Comair, but it is unnecessary. It was very professional and class act, though.

Fly Safe!!
A lot depends on what happens at United. If United tanks because of the high fuel prices, lack of Pax during an Iraq War, or simply can't make the revenue triggers set up by the banks who own it now, then there is a possibility of Chap 7. Then Air Whisky would not be a good choice. If United tumbles, then all of its regionals will downsize and scramble to hook up with other carriers. That is a possibility, and I hope it doesn't happen. Comair is another bag of worms. Operationally, it is a great airline. It flies coast to coast, and has nice airplanes. It probably would be a good airline to go to if you intend to stay there for life. You will always have a paycheck, and that is comforting. CVG is an OK town---and commuting probably wouldn't be a problem. The only thing wrong with Comair right now is that you probably would never get an interview at Delta when things turn around. Now, you may not want to go to Delta, or any other airline, and that is fine. Currently the Comair MEC has chosen to not allow any of the 1015 Delta furloughs to go to the bottom of their list without giving up their Delta recall rights. This might not seem uncommon, but then you realize that Delta owns Comair and that their sister airline, ASA, does allow that practice. This has created some bad feelings towards the group, and hopefully it will be resolved. The Delta MEC has already discussed preferential hiring with ASA in the future---which could be 3-4 years away. So, overall Comair is a good company to work for with nice airplanes and routes, but only has one flaw.

Bye Bye--General Lee:cool:
Lumber Yak -- you know your story is full of $hit. It happened a long time ago, was fully investigated and the Captain did not make the decision based on the company the jumpseater worked for.

By the way, thank your MEC for going to bat for jumpseat priviliges during the strike. As I recall you were the only ones not offering a ride. See how that fits in your preferential hiring thread.