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I'm pretty sure it's M-F early am till up to 9pm.

It possibly could be commutable if you can find an airline that will let you jumpseat. Southwest is the only airline that we have a jumpseat agreement with, so until they start flying to The Rock you will most likely have a hard time finding free rides back to FL.

I'm in the same predicament...I'd take the San Juan base in a heartbeat if I knew I could get back to JAX, but until they have a for sure jump seat arrangement I'm sticking with a mainland base to avoid coming down with Island Fever.

Good luck.
DirtyBeech said:
metro drivers do make 40k+ at amf. the san juan base flys metros,1900's, and 99's all over the carribbean. all are gps equipped. we always seem to be looking for pilots down there so you've got a shot at it, and the acp down there is a great guy. btw, when figuring in those salaries don't for get to add in a 5% or so turbine retention bonus to the final number.

Be very leary of the San Juan Base. The base MGR (I use the term loosely) is the biggest A$$ in PR. He suffers from a "short man" complex and treats the pilots like SH@^!! Ask anyone that works in PR or anyone that's been here or knows of J.M. (the flight attendant). The opinion is always the same (so don't take my work for it). All in all, Ameriflight San Juan is a really good place to build time...if you can put up with the SH@^!

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