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8-plus seater for rent

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Rekks Inbound

Well-known member
Sep 15, 2004
Looking for a Caravan or equivalent to rent for about 2 weeks. An older, short body 208 would be fine (4 adults/3 kids/camping gear), and have LOTS-O-Hours in the 208. Any ideas/$ per hour (wet or dry, can work with both).
Looking for vacation in AK, want to fly it myself, wife also accomplished 208 driver.

Any ideas?


Any luck????????????

So Rekks dude,did you ever have any luck finding some operator/owner that will rent you a C-208 caravan, or did that idea go by the wayside????????????????:rolleyes::rolleyes: :cool::( :D
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Found 1, $1500/hr wet, required a 10 hour check out, but I have over double the combined time of the two instructors in type, said no thanks. It was a long shot anyway.....

Just doing AK differently now.



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