1. GlenQ

    For those who quit the regionals...

    For those who said screw this and jumped ship from their regional and are now working at a different job other than another airline/135, just a couple questions (specifically those of you who were like me and only have a BS in Aviation): 1)Where are you working now? (I'm having a hard time...
  2. Cpt Oveur

    wifi at JFK

    Have some down time in JFK coming up, a few hours. I was wondering if there's any free wifi network that you can piggyback on from the terminal, like the crew lounge's if it had a hidden user name/password, and where can you get reception on it? Does it work if you stand near the Crown Room...
  3. GlenQ

    So how are you supplementing your income?

    Just trying to get some ideas on how to make some money while working at the regionals? I hate that this would even have to be asked, but it's getting bad.. anyone?