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  1. 2000flyer

    Pilot Grasps Stowaway Snake

    Depends on what type of black snake. A typical one, not poisonous. But remember, some "black" snakes in the general statement are. For example, the cotton mouth. However, unless he was in a float plane, it wouldn't be a cotton mouth. Black racers and coach whips are not poisonous but they...
  2. 2000flyer

    Pilot Grasps Stowaway Snake

    This guy has a good sense of humor too... Pilot Fights Black Snake Stowaway on Plane Friday, June 02, 2006 CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Monty Coles was 3,000 feet in the air when he discovered a stowaway peeking out at him from the plane's instrument panel — a 4 1/2-foot black snake. Coles had left...
  3. 2000flyer

    Hangin with the Frenchies

    The train from Dijon to Paris was about a 90 minute ride for our pax. Cost was about US$90 if memory serves. The French rail system is called TGV. Here is their website for schedules and prices. Have a...
  4. 2000flyer

    Hangin with the Frenchies

    While I agree the french can be rude, that is not always the case. I just spent 10 days in Dijon and had a wonderful trip. Friendly folks and great wine in the Burgundy district. The farther you get from large cities the more french you'll need to know. The Riviera is fantastic, especially...
  5. 2000flyer

    Nice B-29 Video

    Love the smoke. Love the engines. Love that MUSIC!!!! Thanks for sharing the vid!
  6. 2000flyer

    What's the green thing on the nose of this G-V?

    EVS or "Enhanced Vision System" Civilian version of FLIR. Excellent for low vis taxiing and approaches. Lowers CAT I mins by 100' if I'm not mistaken.
  7. 2000flyer

    Airbus Planes to Use Computers In Crash-Avoidance Maneuvers

    I, for one, am against taking more out of the pilot's hands. We're already given direction commands on ACAS RA's and EGPWS commands. Eurocontrol puts out a newsletter dealing with ACAS and RA's, errors and incorrect responses to commands. Therein lies the problem. Some pilots, and...
  8. 2000flyer


    One of the nice things about the IS-BAO manual is you can incorporate your own previous manual and SOPs. That being said we haven't done the audit and to be quite honest, I doubt we will. Their manual takes into account many great factors that should be considered and for the most part we do...
  9. 2000flyer

    Corporate Overseas

    One of the trade pubs had an article and ex-pats working abroad. Quite a lucrative deal for those with little connections or commitments to the home land. Some were 30/30 (On/Off), some had admirable vacation plans. Almost all had phenominal salaries. I don't recall the exact figure, but I...
  10. 2000flyer

    1900 gear collapse

    Hmmmmmm....19 passenger seats and a crew of 2. 19+2=21. Did they have a couple more in the aisle or cargo? :erm:
  11. 2000flyer

    List of ALL current type ratings/aircraft types

    Try this:
  12. 2000flyer

    training prob.....

    You're instructor should already be picking up on this. Most take it into consideration when evaluating BOTH pilots and won't (shouldn't) hold it against the stronger pilot. If you feel it's hampering your training, by all means talk to your CSR, instructor, program manager, whomever it takes...
  13. 2000flyer

    Commander 700

    Don't walk but run from this aircraft! First there were only about 26-28 ever built. I flew N9911S and N9922S back in the 80s and the plane is a PIG from the word go. For example, the tower would place bets if we'd clear the trees on takeoff. Now I'll try and be positive. The cabin is...
  14. 2000flyer

    Things 2 do in Cabo San Lucas

    Someone on this board is in Cabo right now. Lets see if he checks FI on the road :D
  15. 2000flyer

    Indy Corps

    Just curious, are you furloughed? A300 CA not working out? I'm not trying to be a smart ass, just curious thats all. For what it's worth, I have a friend who flies out of IND. He interviewed with Lily about 2 years ago and turned down a job offer due to the "ridiculous low pay" for a G4...
  16. 2000flyer

    Harrah’s Captain @ KLAS(looking again)

    This is a first class operation with a top notch CP and crew! Good luck to those applying! By the way, two more 2000 EASy's coming. Word on the street is the two older ones will be going to Memphis and the new ones to Vegas.
  17. 2000flyer

    twin cessna down in FXE - All ends well

    I need to have our EGPWS database updated in Florida!
  18. 2000flyer

    LSE Anyone?

    I flew out of there for six years in the 90s and, if they haven't remodeled, the answer is no. Just the couch in the pilot lounge. Knowing the owner, I'm betting its the same today.