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    Time or Fuel economy

    I use a slightly different rule of thumb, it is applicable to turbojets only since it asks for a fast climb. Take 10 % of the distance and add 5. 200 miles is FL 250. 300 miles is FL350
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    Time or Fuel economy

    Good evening. Just a general question : You have a substantial and unexpected tailwind (50 kt)at your cruising altitude on your 500 mile leg. Would you power back to keep your usual groundspeed, let's say 440 kt or would you keep normal power and be there let's say 10 minutes early ? Of course...
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    FJ44-2 swap into the lear series

    For the guys flying checks (Airnet, Chipola, etc.) it's not really a concern flying at lower levels. The FRB is paying for the fuel. If i would own one of these companies i would see, with enthusiasm, a lot of cheap spare airplanes and parts coming up. Just my 0.02 $
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    Fire Fighting Aviation

    You should check out : That's the website of the fire fighting aviation association. Tons of info, a lot of links to companies. Have fun LearjetGA
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    Fighters and icing condition

    Well, about the aerodynamic heating, this is an example i remember: On the Fokker 50, at 15000, cruising at 250 TAS, the nose will be exposed to the normal friction and would 16 degrees C warmer than the rest of the fuselage. Just a thought
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    European job posting...

    I have licences in both systems, and there is none that is better than the other. It's just two complete different philosophies. In the US, Flight schools give you the basic flying skills, thaught by mostly unexperienced people (with all the due respect to be given to them), and you work up...
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    Fighters and icing condition

    Thanks for the quick response. I am pretty surprised that you don't have much to protect yourself from ice. What if you are carrying external loads ? That must be an ice magnet.
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    Fighters and icing condition

    Hi, I was wondering: Are fighters provided with anti-ice systems, de-ice, anything at all ? Fly safe LearjetGA
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    Piaggio on 135

    Hi ! Anybody using a Piaggio 180 under 135 ?
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    Info needed for Phoenix Air

    Last time i landed there, they had a bunch of GI sitting on their ramp, ... I know that they do Government contracts (rumour wants it to be for the CIA, go figure it out ;) ).
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    International cell phones...

    Be sure to have a triband phone. That means the european net is on 800 Ghz and the US is on a 1900 GHz (or the other way) Most companies offer that kind of product. I have been using an Ericsson T39m for more than a year and i am very happy with it. The phone rates depend on which provider you...
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    Cathay hiring ban

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is still an IALPA hiring ban on CX ? Have a good Thanksgiving. LearjetGA
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    We fly Lears and our guys start at 18000, get 20000 if ATP rated and get 2000 more after 6 months. All training is done at Simuflite and there is a one year contract on that. The pay is low for FO, but the requirements too, we hired guys with barely 1000 hours and no turbine time. New...
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    DC3 type

    No i didn't land a job flying the Douglas. My billpaying machine is the Learjet, 25, 35 and 55. I am thinking about doing the DC3 type just for fun and because i think it's a plane that you need to have flown in your career. And ... maybe in 5 to 10 years from now, there will be almost none...
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    DC3 type

    Hi. Does anybody know where to get a DC3 type in the Atlanta area. Thanks LearjetGA
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    Falcon 20/731 coversion. Info please

    The Dassault is a fantastic machine. No doubt about that. Have you considered buying a brand new Lear 60, you will have a new plane, warranty, EFIS, RVSM, can get 8.33 spacing or FM immunity, you have an APU, stand up cabin, Lavatory, reasonnable baggage compartment. They run around 11 to 12...
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    GIV-X? Hmmm...

    Dassault uses an x after a number to enhance the fact that it is in development. not in production yet. This is widely used in Europe. For example: before it became the A380 it was called the 3XX.
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    Good morning I saw an ad about Fliteways out of Islip recruiting in the Lear and Hawker fleet. I am not familiar with this company. Any information that is not on their nice website ? Thank you LearjetGA
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    Check Professional Pilot Magazine of this month. They celebrate 25 years in business.
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    Beech 400 Vs LJ35

    Good morning everybody. I hope things are going pretty good on your side. I couldn't help myself looking at a Beech 400 this week. It was a new one from Flops. A Beautiful plane. I don't know much about it. What is the difference between a 400 and a 400A. What is its performance, major sqwaks...