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    Hilton in Kauii

    Hilton in Kauai Has anyone stayed at the Hilton in Kauai? Also, what do you think of Kauai vs the other islands? I am trying to decide between the Hilton in Kona and the one in Lihue. Thanks.
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    NetJets W-2 Per diem?

    Hey Guys, Do you know where I can find the total per diem paid for the year? Also, what percentage of your internet bill do you deduct for your taxes?
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    Capital One credit card???

    I saw that the No Hassles credit card is giving double points for the year. Does anyone have any experience with this card and using the rewards? I've been using the AMEX Hilton for a few years, with no complaints. But after some quick math it seems like the capital one is better. Thanks!
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    Flight Crews Unlimited?

    Does anyone have any experience with these guys? Thanks.
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    Flight Crews Unlimited?

    Does anyone have any experience with these guys?
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    Hiltons in Hawaii?

    I am trying to plan a trip to Hawaii using my Hilton points. Has anyone been to the Waikaloa Village in Kona or the Hilton Lihue, Kauai. Thanks for any info you can pass along.
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    Any problems with Bose QC2?

    Hi, I've read on some other sites that the Bose QC2 headphones break/crack a lot. Do any of you guys have problems with them. It seems like they're pretty fragile. Thanks.
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    Any problems with Bose QC2?

    Hi, I was thinking buying the Uflymike and QC2 headphones. Has anyone had problems with the Bose breaking? One some other sites people said the headphones crack. Just curious how they'll stand up with constant use. Thanks.
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    Any problems airling with liquids, gels, etc?

    Hey all, I was just wondering what everyone's experience with TSA has been with regard to carrying liquids and gels thourgh security. If you're in uniform do you get hassled at all? I'm coming back off from vacation so I haven't had the pleasure of airling to work in a while. Someone...
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    Accelerate Stop figures for navajo?

    I was just looking for some ballpark accelerate-stop numbers for a navajo and a seminole (seal level, ISA, max weight). Anyone know the numbers for these?
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    Ease of frequent flier points on Southwest?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with blackout dates for your frequent flier points on Southwest. Besides the holidays are they pretty easy to use on other times of the year? Thanks!
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    NJA home basing?

    I understand that if you live within 90 miles of a domicile you must use that domicile and not a home basing airport. Is it 90 miles straight line distance or via mapquest, yahoo, etc? Thanks!
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    Any G200 contract jobs near ABE or PHL?

    Hi, Does anyone know of any G200 contract positions near Allentown or Philly? Thanks!
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    FO Hat for sale!

    I have a brand new (furloughed before I could wear it) FO Superior brand, size 7 1/2 hat for sale. I will take any reasonable offer.
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    NJA tuition reimbursement

    I noticed NetJets had tuition reimbursement listed as a benefit on their website. Are pilots allowed to take part in this? How much and what will they pay for? Thanks for the info.
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    What type of trips in Citaition X?

    What''s life like in the X at Net Jets? How many legs a day? How long are the legs on average? How many lines does the X have to bid on? Thanks!
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    XJT vs NetJets

    I'm trying to decide between ExpressJet and NetJets. Just looking for everyone's input. There are a lot of pros/cons of each. Thanks!
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    What's the real deal at Net Jets?

    I've read all the posts about how the contract talks are going. I know about the low pay. But do you guys at Net Jets enjoy what you do? Do you like the type of flying? Do you wish you went a different route? What do you like most about the job? What do you wish would change? Just...
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    Net Jets vs. XJT

    Here's yet another decision over Net Jets or a regional. I am aware of most of the negatives of Net Jets. With that said, would most of you guys at Net Jets rather be at a regional (CoEx in this case) or stay at Net Jets? Thanks!