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    FAA changes SFO Landing Policies

    Speaking of stereotypical insults, anyone remember the movie Gran Torrino.
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    Great DTW Crashpad

    Would you accept a full time student going to the aviation school at Eastern...
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    Good jobs board? Paid and/or Free.

    Might consider that other website that is geared towards "pilots helping pilots"....I am seeing quite a few postings there.
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    Passengers in Jumpseat

    On our Falcons it is placarded and has been since delivery.
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    US VOR identifiers

    It also has ATC frequencies near those VOR's for when you loose your freq.
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    Why is AT&T losing its pilots?

    I'm starting think I know why...
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    Need advice plz... G200 or CL300

    I would have suggest a Falcon 2000 (classic) at less than 10 million. Great cabin, quiet and does not burn much fuel. Field performance is very good as well.
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    Iranian overflight

    Actually, the English is much better that most of the surrounding countries.
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    Virgin America new modern pilot uniforms

    At least the FA's look professional. Sorta reminds me of this movie...
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    CL30 or G200?

    Fly both and then make up your mind...
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    Pilot Pay Rates

    Midwest department, we started our last (several years ago) FO on Falcon equipment @ 80,000 with a six month and 1 year performance bump. Maybe that will give you an idea of what to ask for. The numbers the others are posting would be a good starting point with your experience.
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    Flight Qualities

    Most peaple that have flown multiply aircraft seem to believe the Falcon line has the best handling qualities...
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    scheduling programs

    Thanks...missed that one!
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    scheduling programs

    Exactly when was CTA/FOS sold to Collins.
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    MD-80 Freighters

    Fedex 737...
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    Falcon 2000 Battery cover/blanket

    Here is the quote from the Dassault FSA for the 2000EX. Probably the same for the classic 2000. Not sure how much difference it makes but we do have two batteries in the EX. Removal of main batteries in cold weather conditions MAIN BATTERIES (ATA 24) Dassault Falcon recommends that...
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    DA-900EX 2C Maint. Insp.

    You might want to make that Duncan in Battle Creek....
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    Qatar Airways anyone?

    You probably never thought you would result in thread drift did you...
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    Gulfstream overrun at TEB

    Meridian charter aircraft...
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    Operating Cost: Legacy 650 vs 7X

    The AC works quite well on our two Falcons thank you...I also fit my 6' frame into the cockpit fine. Although most cockpits sould use a little more room. Global size would be nice!