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  1. mooneydvr

    Multiengine insurance $$

    I have not found an underwriter that was willing to cover multiengine renter's insurance. Your best bet is to try to convince the owner of the rental to include you as a named insured on his policy. There may also be some state regulations that make you part of the owners policy by renting (MN...
  2. mooneydvr

    Our trusty line crews

    The hard part is the inconsistency that you see with line folks. I'd say half are upset that I let my engine idle for a couple of minutes after they park me. They don't realize that the continental turbo's have a 5 minute cool down period. Only 25% really top the airplane off and most leave...
  3. mooneydvr

    Sims in MSP area?

    Roger Aviation at Flying Cloud. It's in the Elliot Aviation building ont he northeast side.
  4. mooneydvr

    A/C systems manual

    I don't know where you can get them online, but Essco Aircraft Manuals may have it (and cheap too). Good luck
  5. mooneydvr

    3K for unlimited week of multi in CA?

    Non-owned multi-engine insurance will probably run each insured pilot about $1200, IF you can get it at all. I don't think any of the insurers are selling non-owned multi engine coverage. I was looking about a month ago because I was going to rent an Aztruck for angel flights (the Aztruck...
  6. mooneydvr

    Bose headset

    Send the Bose here Send the Bose in. Attn: Curtis Jacobites Bose Corp 145 Pennsylvania Ave Framingham, MA 01701 Phone is 800-287-0611 Mine were repaired and shiped back within a week.
  7. mooneydvr

    Irregular Heartbeat and FAA medical

    Tell your friend to go look at They have lots of info for irregular heartbeats. One thing is clear. Go to an AME that knows what he is doing when it comes to supplying required tests to the FAA. I was diagnosed with a 1st degree AV Block. My current AME didn't...
  8. mooneydvr

    ANR Headsets

    Bose and Headset's Inc Upgrade I have the Bose and think they are the best in the world. Some of you have mentioned that you have had troubles with the Bose. Call Bose up and send them back. They will repair them at no charge. I slipped on ice and broke mine, and they repaired them free of...
  9. mooneydvr

    Heart flutters

    Try Virtual Flight Surgeions VFS is a medical consulting group. They have a great website at They go into a lot of detail as it relates to heart conditions and how they impact flight physicals.