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  1. Smoove Ride

    Emirates Hiring?

    Anyone here interview and/or get hired lately? Just wondering what is considered competitive times over there.... thanks, -Smoove.
  2. Smoove Ride

    Music cord info...

    For all those interested in buying a "cord", I have a great supplier. 6ft cord, stereo mini to mic input. The mic plug contains micro-capacitors to keep the plane from frying your iPod, CD player, Laptop and vice versa. I've been using mine for over a year now and it works great. He can also do...
  3. Smoove Ride

    A little fast on final??

    interesting article, but i got two questions other than the "500MPH on final" deal... 1. since when could you upgrade at 22? 2. since when did Lakes start flying 737's? i think the author meant to say "she worked extra hours and skipped vacations so that she could build time and apply to...
  4. Smoove Ride

    Latest on skywest/Coex

    beating a dead horse... Nimtz... i feel your pain, brother. look at it this way. no one at Skywest thinks that he/she is better than anyone at Xjet, or that our corporate culture is 'better' than anyone else's. if the furloughee's weren't qualified and competent to fly for skywest (or Xjet for...
  5. Smoove Ride

    OFFICIAL! SkyWest In IAH

    i have to agree with Guppypuppy. i think it's already a done deal, and XJT folks are going to have to live with it. interview at skywest, or stay on the street. if i were in their (XJT pilots) shoes, i'd feel the same way.... (pissed off, that is) looking at it from a skywest perspective...
  6. Smoove Ride

    OFFICIAL! SkyWest In IAH

    From SGU... talked to a friend in SGU who is in the know about what's up with the CAL connection deal. he said that we will give preferential interviews to furloughed XJT pilots, however, it will be a real interview. with that said, some of the furloughed do not meet our hiring minimums of...
  7. Smoove Ride

    Comair flight makes emergency landing

    fire=bad i might question the decision, but i'd be thinking about the DC-8 in Saudi Arabia that had a fire in the wheelwell on takeoff, by the time they made it around the pattern... the fire had burned thru all the hydraulic lines and they crashed before they made it back. i'd say the crew...
  8. Smoove Ride

    SkyWest + Continental = Love

    scottm... maybe i didn't lay the sarcasm on heavy enough. my friends at COEX like the "flowback" like the Dixie Chicks like Bush.
  9. Smoove Ride

    SkyWest + Continental = Love

    COEx Deal... this is my .02 worth... it's a WAG. - my guess is that the poolies, since they are already hired, will go to class first. - all the other pilot slots will be filled by the furloughed COEX, who will have to interview first. - all other folks who had interviews before that were...
  10. Smoove Ride

    AM Radio Stations

    iPod Baby! sure, the ADF is great for kids and all that, but the more evolved aviator get's him/herself an iPod. 4,000 songs... you can always find something you both agree to listen to. the best part? no Rush Limbaugh!
  11. Smoove Ride

    SkyWest + Continental = Love

    SKW Bro's in IAH... Not sure what to think about this. Our managment has only come out and said it was in talks, nothing signed yet. This was not widely announced at SKW, and was only for rumor control. I for one am not a big fan of us flying under the CO banner with furloughed COEX pilots out...
  12. Smoove Ride

    Any jump pilots in the crowd?

    a little advice.... 1. always honor the "extra altitude" request. only the hot chicks on the load will be able to properly request this.... 2. keep a spare key in your pocket (if you're drivin' a cessna). why? you'll know when it happens.... 3. it's tradition for the pilot to yell "BLUE...
  13. Smoove Ride

    Update on Cathay Pacific?

    rehashing the past.... just curious.... how long do you forsee the IALPA hiring ban at Cathay? i don't see them ever rehiring the "49'ers", and i'm sure they have hired at least 49 pilots by now to replace them. so every new hire from here on out is a "scab"? if this is true, and the ban...
  14. Smoove Ride

    Skywest cancels all pilot interviews!!!

    Word on the street... Before everyone get's there panties in a twist... I talked to a friend of mine who just got hired a few weeks ago and was supposed to start class last week. He got bumped to a later class date. When I got hired, it was a similar scenario. The hiring machine goes until...
  15. Smoove Ride

    SkyWest's latest rumors

    What I know.... This is the latest... as I know it. They are running a couple of classes for the rj for the rest of the year, both upgrade and transition. This is in part due to tucson opening as a base in oct/nov. They are not running any new hire or upgrade classes for the emb for the rest...
  16. Smoove Ride

    aicraft nicknames!!!!

    RJ = Replacement Jet (i hear it all the time in DFW from DAL pilots. if i was them, i'd be bitter too!)
  17. Smoove Ride

    ANR Headsets

    BOSE Rocks! i've had my bose for about 3 years now.... and i love them more and more everyday. they did break when i was flying the bradildo (mic went out). i sent them fedex and they had them fixed and upgraded back to me in three days. for the $950 i paid i would expect as much in terms of...
  18. Smoove Ride

    Saw this one coming....

    just watching the tube and saw the two "weight-sensitive" folks suing southwest on CNN. i guess it was just a matter of time before this happened..... they did get the run-around a bit, they were told they wouldn't need to buy extra tickets when they bought them intially, and then on the return...
  19. Smoove Ride

    SkyWest postponing classes

    doh! i listened to the hotline this morning. all new hire classes are being postponed indefintely. this is due to the reduction in emb flying, as well as the hiccup that occured with jet deliveries. our RJ's are back on schedule for the rest of the year, so i'm guessing they run a new hire...
  20. Smoove Ride

    Skywest Intervews

    doh! andy beat me to it. never mind...