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    Skywest Aircraft

    I hear the MRJ is gonna be tough
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    SkyWest, Inc. Confirms Firm Order for Seven E175 Jets for Alaska

    Looks like added to. The ejets (for now) will be SEATTLE – Alaska Airlines announced it is expanding its partnership with SkyWest Airlines with the addition of three new destinations from Alaska's Northwest hubs. Flying on new Embraer E175 jets, Alaska will begin offering daily nonstop service...
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    SkyWest, Inc. Confirms Firm Order for Seven E175 Jets for Alaska

    Embraer S.A. and SkyWest, Inc. have confirmed a firm order for seven E175 jets. The aircraft will be flown by SkyWest Airlines under a Capacity Purchase Agreement (CPA) with Alaska Airlines. The value of the firm order, which will be included in Embraer?s 2014 fourth-quarter backlog, is...
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    SWA lands at wrong Branson Airport

    Thought that was Burbank?
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    Place your bets boys and girls.

    Westair. Aircraft based in FAT.
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    SKW Inc's Plans Leaked?

    Don't forget the potential for more Alaska flying in SEA and PDX.
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    Luggageworks Plastic-framed bag

    One more thumbs up for the Strong Bag. Just replaced my old style Costco with a Strong Bag. Night and day difference! And, by now everyone probably knows, the new Costco 22 inch bag is considerably thicker than the old one. Old one would fit in the 200 overhead, new one won't without being...
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    Skywest Operations in MMH

    We served MMH with the 700 for the last 2 winters. Not sure if we will return again next year. Horizon also serves MMH with the Q. Our mins in the 700 on the GPS app were 3 miles if I remember correctly. Beautiful place when the sun is out and the winds are light. Evil place when the wind is out...
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    British Airways commercial

    That was done very well!
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    What's going on at SkyW?

    If they could just fill the newhire classes.
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    UAL / CAL scope

    Are you sure about this one?
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    SkyWest Pilots cancel IAH-DFW for scope viloation!

    I love the cancellation code, FLT OPS - PERSONNAL ERROR - CAPTAIN. Looks like it's repositioning empty right now DFW-IAH.
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    SkyWest IAH Base, What If ?

    So this 66 seat CRJ700 flying for CAL out of IAH by SkyWest is ok? How does that work? It has a CO flight number right?
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    SkyWest IAH Base, What If ?

    So at the end of all the bickering and inflighting, the 700's are still going to IAH and will be flying passengers that purchase tickets on CAL's website to those cities? All CAL has/had to do was change some coding in the reservation computer to a non-CAL flight number? I thought everyone...
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    SkyWest IAH Base, What If ?

    I guess I should add the flight is for Thu., Mar. 24, 2011 returning on the 28th.
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    SkyWest IAH Base, What If ?

    But they are on CAL's website for sale. Right now you can book a round trip ticket on a United Express/Skywest 700 from IAH to ASE. No Continental metal involved, only CAL selling the UEX ticket. This is the work around? I have not looked at the other city pairs. .
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    SkyWest IAH Base, What If ?

    The memo will be that the plan with go forth. The only thing that is going to change is in the marketing and selling of the tickets by CAL for the "UEX" flights. You can go right now to the CAL website and purchase a ticket on United Express Flight operated by SkyWest. The only change is that...
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    SkyWest IAH Base, What If ?

    If I'm not mistaken, the 66 seaters that are going to be flying out of IAH (as United Express now) are being taken from other Express routes from around the country. Those former routes are either being upgraded (mainline) or downgraded to a CRJ200. There are no "new" 66 seaters being added to...
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    Who's Flying Your Airplane? NO OUTSOURCING

    At June 30, 2010, SkyWest had approximately $746.1 million in cash and marketable securities, compared to approximately $732.4 million as of December 31, 2009. Taken from SkyWest SECOND QUARTER 2010 RESULTS Press release. Marketable securities are very liquid securities that can be converted...
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    Pic of first AC in "new" United livery

    Which 70 RJs will be eliminated? Are you thinking specific airframes by n-number? A mix of different types?SkyWest doesn't have any 70 "seat" RJs flying for United. SkyWest does have 66 seat CRJ700s though. Is that what you are trying to say?