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    Travel Management

    Apparently my previous post was “offense” don’t worry, we know who you are and what your doing. If you don’t want to be a career TMC pilot, get out while you can.
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    The One Sky Truth

    The 604's & 605's have been parked, NetJets will upgrade 200+ FO's. The decertification is a Ricci dream, why, because he will gain a huge financial windfall if there is no scope clause to deal with, makes things easier. In fact if you go to Ricci's own company website, whose aircraft is on it...
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    Travel Management

    I heard from a friend in the Private Equity circles in San Fran that TPG will be replacing majority of management in Elkhart. Has anyone heard anything to similar?
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    CRJ Freighter

    I hear that there will soon be a CRJ freighter available, anyone know of anyone getting them or looked at them? From what I read seems to be aimed at the scheduled service operators.
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    National Air Cargo

    National just lost a 747-400 about two hours ago taking-off out of Bagram, Afghanistan. Taliban is taking claim for the accident, RIP for the crew, hoping it nots some folks I know.
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    Part 145

    Not being a mechanic, do you have to be a Part 145 facility to do heavy checks or use the aircraft manufactures maintenance program. For example if a leasing company needed maintenance done on stored aircraft in the desert and it wasn't attached to an air carrier certificate?
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    Sheble Aviation

    I am pretty sure I know the answer to this but will ask anyways. Is Sheble aviation one of those places that you pay for ratings?
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    What can Brown Do for You

    I just want to represent my hood and flash my colors. I like to give a shout out to all my homies in SDF. And another shout out to my boys in Bossier City flying the BUFFS. I am outa here!!
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    PSA/Chicago Express Brad Silverstein

    Do any of you Blue Streakers ever know what happened to young Bradley? I know he left and went Chicago Express, but after that....I am curious to where he ended up.
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    I need some info on the P180, performance, product support, Pros, cons, Thanks. FD
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    I need some info on the P180, performance, product support, Pros, cons, Thanks. FD
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    I need some info on the P180, performance, product support, Pros, cons, Thanks. FD
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    Freight Dawg Down

    Another Freight Dawg has left us, god speed and prayers for his family. For the respect of a fellow Freight Dawg, please don't speculate or start bashing companies, Thank you. PARIS, Tenn. -- A private...
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    What up my fellow Freight Dawgs!, How are you guys and gals enjoying this MidWestern Snow? I thought last year was bad, I can't believe this year. It so bad even the reverse makes more of a mess then what they are worth. Anyway I am outa you guys and gals fly safe and enjoy the weather, cause...
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    What a tool, I am glad I avioded the awesome 121 time with tool time RJPilott. Too Bad, Soo Sad, FLYI has gone Bad. Oh well hop to another RJ job, heck they are a penny a dozen these days. If you know him post his name, I would like to add him to my Christmas list. J@ck@ss.
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    Drunk Again

    Damn it I am drunk again, this job will be the death of me. Wether it is socially, financially, or physically. I gotta quit fly'n hard and drink'n hard. I am spelling pretty good for my current condition. Fly Safe my fellow freight dawg brothers.
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    Which Frac?

    If you had a choice between Citation Shares, FlexJet, Flight Options and NetJets which would you pick. I think the OEM supported and owned will long outlast the others. Later Dudes.
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    Kalitta/USA JET

    Whats up with you USA JET dudes not getting interviewed or hired Kalitta? I know some of your guys with more time and experience than my buds over there being told thanks but no thanks. Any truth to the rumor of your company preventing it. If so the Sh!t ain't cool, so much for EOE. Best of...
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    Is it just me or am I doing something wrong, because I can't get any info on pilot pay I believe it is pilot something central. So much for "suppling info" to help the rest of us out.
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    Royal Air

    Do any of you Royal dudes know if you will be hiring to your new base their in Middletown, Ohio (MWO). And what aircraft you will basing there, Thanx Freight Dawg