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  1. njcapt

    Eagle Employment Verification Contact?

    I worked at Eagle (Simmons) back in the mid-nineties, and would love a current contact name and number to verify my employment there (gonna need it soon). I've used Claudette Carrol as a contact, but I don't know if she's still there or if her number and address have changed. Can anybody...
  2. njcapt

    US Airways - Seigel's Exit Strategy

    US Airways Looking to Sell Assets-Sources By Kathy Fieweger and Tom Johnson CHICAGO/NEW YORK Jan 8 (Reuters) - US Airways (Nasdaq:UAIR - news), the No. 7 U.S. airline, is looking to sell a variety of assets to scale back costs, several airline and banking sources said on Thursday. The assets...
  3. njcapt

    ATA Gets TA on Bond Refinancing

    Finally American Trans Air Parent Reaches Deal Mon Dec 22, 7:41 PM ET By MARK JEWELL, AP Business Writer INDIANAPOLIS - American Trans Air shares rose Monday after the nation's 10th-largest carrier said it has reached a tentative agreement with investors who had been reluctant to embrace a...
  4. njcapt

    New ATA Hiring Numbers

    This is from the monthly update from ATA's VP of Flight Ops, Dave Lindskoog. Pilot hiring continues at a brisk pace. Twenty-four (24) new hires started Basic Indoc class on Sept 22 and will attend either B737 or B757 Initial training upon completion of B.I. Another class of eight (8) B737 F/O...
  5. njcapt

    Key West Charter Boat Recommendation

    My father - in - law, obviously in a weak moment, offered to take my wife and I deep sea fishing out of Key West next week. Problem is, the last time I went fishing out of EYW was on my honeymoon 13 years ago and the boat we took is probably working as a reef up the chain somewhere. Do any of...
  6. njcapt

    Short Term ATA Hiring Info

    This from the VP of Flight Ops' monthly message to the troops. Before you ask, I have no other solid hiring information. Fifteen new captains started upgrade on Tuesday, August 26th. In addition, a class of B737 and B757 captains and a class of fifteen new pilots started on Monday, August...
  7. njcapt

    ATA 2003 Hiring

    Hiring update for the rest of the year from VP Flight Ops Bill Beal. Chief Pilot News • So far year to date, we have hired ninty new pilots (January through April). Looking ahead, we are anticipating that we will need another fifty to sixty new pilots before the end of the year. The training...
  8. njcapt

    ATA 03/03 Class Drop

    Just a quick note to mention that the latest class was for 21 new hire FO's and 2 returning FE's. 16 in the 757 and 7 in the 737. Rumor only - two more classes before the end on April.
  9. njcapt

    ATA Class Info

    Here is an update of February and early March new hire classes from the Union's Membership Services folks. I have heard that the class on the 17th will be for 14 new hires - but as always things change quickly around here. Last week the membership committe met with the new hire class. There...
  10. njcapt

    Now for Something Completely Different

    I thought maybe we needed a break from the endless arguments of scope and armed pilots. I came across this link on an aviation website called It relates the story of a man searching for the site of an A-12 (SR-71 precursor) crash that took place in 1967. It just goes to show that...
  11. njcapt

    Vanguard Hiring

    I was asked by our Chief Pilot to get the word out about Vanguard's hiring plans. We currently have 135 pilots flying 6 737-200 and 7 MD-80 aircraft. There is going to be a big expansion this year which will see Vanguard flying 20 aircraft by year's end. To achieve this, we will need to hire...
  12. njcapt

    Continued US Airways Folly

    In an apparent attempt to convince the wholly owned and contract regional carriers to drink the ALPA Kool - Aid regarding the 'small jet protocol', US Airways management came up with this response. God help the pilot group that swallows this piece of filth. Why would any of the USX regional...
  13. njcapt

    US Airways Folly

    This is the proposal that the US Airways ALPA unit is pitching to the membership and the company as the saving grace for their jobs. The MEC has intimated to the pilot group (through their union hotline - 800-367-2572) that this is a slam dunk for the wholly owned and contract carriers to...