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    Cessna finally upgrading the Citation "Ten"
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    XOJET, Inc. Reports Strong 2010 Second Quarter
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    Abu Dhabi’s Aabar Agrees to Invest $20 Million in Xojet of U.S. and
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    XOJET Surpasses Service Targets, Reduces Costs in Q4 Thanks to Telax Hosted Call Cent
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    XOJet recieves $100 million on 4th qtr 0f 2009
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    Cessna Kills Citation Columbus and Laysoff thousands
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    XOJET reports good......

    XOJET Reports Increases in Revenue, Flight Hours and Customers for 2008 Despite Weakened Economy
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    XOJet Debuts Guaranteed Availability on Challenger 300 Fleet,685342.shtml
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    Aloha 2?

    December 03, 2008 | Business Type Size: A A APrintEmailMost PopularBuzz up! Airline wants Aloha's name by Dawn Gilbertson - Dec. 2, 2008 1200 AM The Arizona Republic Mesa Air Group this week hopes to gain Bankruptcy Court approval to rebrand its Hawaiian service as Aloha Airlines. The...
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    Citation X Winglets on the way!

    New winglet manufacturer excels on Citation X By John Croft DATE:10/10/08 SOURCE:Flight International Winglet Technology says its Cessna Citation X elliptical winglets will be certificated by June 2009 after seven years of testing by Cessna. The $395,000 retrofit kit, not including...
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    First XOJET Challenger 300 Enters Service

    :beer: Saturday, October 04, 2008 NBAA 2008: Bombardier Challenger 300 Jet Enters Service With XOJET
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    Jet Republic

    Private European jet company buyer of 110 Bombardier Learjets
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    XOJet Unaffected by Lehman Bros.

    Enjoy.......:beer: XOJet Allays Fears Following Lehman Bros. Fallout By Jennifer Harrington September 18, 2008 Charter and Fractional Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy filing will have no impact on XOJet’s international expansion plans, according to the San Carlos, Calif.-based charter operator...
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    Enjoy! :beer: XOJET Reduces Fuel Surcharge for On-Demand Flights Last update: 10:00 a.m. EDT Sept. 12, 2008 SAN CARLOS, Calif., Sep 12, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- XOJET-- one of the world's fastest growing private aviation companies, built on a unique business model that combines private jet...
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    Private Jets: The only way to fly.

    Kool article.........Enjoy! :beer:
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    In the News.....

    In the News.....Fractional Hiring Found this Article..............Enjoy! :beer: Fractionals NetJets President Jim Christiansen minces no words about pilot opportunities. "My division is still hiring," he says. "And we've initiated a more robust hiring campaign recently in an effort to make...
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    Whale Riders Threads

    Gentlemen, This is Whale Rider. I know there has been more and more animosity on the Fractionals threads, over things like "Whose the best" or "Whose merging with who". I have done nothing to extinguish the fire that just seems to get bigger and bigger. Until now. So to all in the Frac...
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    TSA begins testing pilots-only security lines

    By Thomas Frank, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Air travelers may soon be spared the annoyance of airline pilots cutting in front of them at security checkpoints. The Transportation Security Administration today begins testing a new program that lets pilots go to a separate checkpoint where a screener...
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    Cessna says it will "One up" Gulfstream 650 for speed title!

    Cessna to Gulfstream: You Talk the Talk, But Will You Walk the Walk? Gulfstream has landed plenty of headlines in the last few months with their recently announced G650. With its rollout still years away, the plane’s order book is already filled up until the second half of the next decade...
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    Biz Continues to Boom for Biz Jets!

    Good article........