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    JetBlue and ALPA

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ What he said...
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    JetBlue and ALPA

    That's great. Even more mud in the waters. Folks, simply put, mother ALPA is the lesser of two evils. Flawed as they may be (oh, and they actually have done good things in the past), I wish to have them on my side versus trusting ANY airline management.
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    American and USAirways enter into nondisclosre agreement!

    2nd post. 8th paragraph. 1st sentence.
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    JetBlue CEO on pilot’s mid-air meltdown: ‘It started medical, but clearly wasn’t’

    He was trying to correct a mistake, but made a mistake in his correction of the mistake. Let me try. Mutiny vs. mutany
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    Jetblue Pilots Vote Union Down

    I agree. Saying JB was only 300-some odd pilots (or whatever the number was) away from having 50%+1 is somewhat misguided. That number doesn't sound like a strong union voice to me. That you didn't fly with anyone willing to walk (Not that the threat of a strike holds much water anymore) is...
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    Jetblue Pilots Vote Union Down

    33% put their vote on a ballot which had only one choice, that being a "yes to union" vote. There was no "no" choice on the ballot. Not casting a vote on the ballot equalled a "no" vote.
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    What do you say when people ask who you work for?

    Man, ain't that the truth. Especially if he has a Bic pen aimed at your cheek.
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    Travis Barker Blames Pilots, Equipment for Plane Crash

    Perhaps we could use this tragedy to remind ourselves to think about the events for which we would abort a takeoff and to think about those things and only those things during the actual takeoff roll.
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    Why do airlines let gate agents control the J/S

    Ok. I thought all of that went without saying...
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    Frontier is selling four aircraft after record lose

    I believe that's what he implied by the absolute Charlie Foxtrot adjective.
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    Why do airlines let gate agents control the J/S

    I submit that ANY jumpseat request is made to the Captain, as it is his seat to give. Of course, common courtesy should be exercised and the lead FA be asked as well to occupy a cabin jumpseat. I'm with ya on the minority of gate agents. They should get together with some of the TSA wizards...
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    Southwest off the runway in Spokane..

    Because a taxiway and a runway are one in the same to media and pax--and if it ain't a runway, it's a friggin' TARMAC.
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    Could ASA crew scheduling be bigger morons?

    So we have wizards on this board who just BUTCHER: your and you're there, their and they're etc. (what the hell is ect.?) words that end in "s" with an apostrophe... and you're on this guy for misspelling a word with two common spellings (or is it spelings?)? Let me go ahead and...
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    Citation 680 job in Wisconsen(SP?)

    I thought I saw one in Ohyo.
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    FAA Vacation

    Where is this written?
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    SWA announcement on the 9th

    I got yer' "culture" right here B.D. you penis eating Microbe. THAT is outstanding...
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    Looks to me that the wing struck the part of the box truck that quite possibly had its ass end parked outside of the white line (Reference the other box truck and where it was parked.). Hmm. I guess there's a reason for that white line. Airplane gates in some parts of the world aren't...
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    Hey Lynx, Whats with the call sign?

    How 'bout a Fresca?
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    F9 or jetBlue

    God, ain't that the truth? Not to mention the pansy drivers who won't even try to handle it, regardless of the precipitation.
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    F9 or jetBlue

    Sluggo, I've been in Denver for about 4 years now. You're the first guy I've heard of who wants to get out. Those with whom I've discussed Denver love coming here or are former residents who want to get back. It's not a knock on you by any stretch. I'm just curious as to why. And do you...