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    Kalitta Furlough

    Thats Hilarious, Like APA 1224 has any credibility when it comes to "investigating" anything in regards to DHL, Airborne, Kalitta.
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    UPS Hiring

    I received the same E-Mail. UGGHH!!!
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    NWA Cargo?

    I heard they put Neal Shaw in charge of cargo. (The same guy that took United's fledgling cargo hub in ANC apart) It sounds like Delta for now has no interest in Maindeck cargo. I also heard that DHL and the cargo manager in ANC negotiated a huge new contract but upper management (Steenland) put...
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    FAA 1st class medical Anchorage?

    Ive actually heard some bad stories about Petra. I have used her in the past ,and had no trouble. I considered continuing with her but to many bad stories from local pilots pursuaded me to go to Tim Skala in Eagle River who Ive been pleased with.
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    Just wondering how the Columbia Kallitta boys are doing?

    BBB Why not start a new thread? Leave this one to the guys that want to wish these guys well! Thanks
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    Just wondering how the Columbia Kallitta boys are doing?

    They are relaxing in uneducated comfort and they have few equals in professionalism, knowledge, or ability!
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    Kalitta and FAA

    I heard that he's selling Connie stealth technology and stinger missiles!
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    Zantop L-188's being destroyed

    Hey randy wasnt it 895 continuous and 932 reduced power takeoff
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    ANC living--Nicest place to live near ANC?

    I live in Eagle River and the two Elementry Schools Ravenwood and Alpenglow are two of the best in the state. The schools on the hillside(South Anchorage) are also pretty good. The winters arent that bad, being from Michigan I feel that they are milder but longer. I would recommend a week in...
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    Another Kalitta Crash-Bogota...

    Draginass, Count bat, FBN. these guys are malcontents who take delight in other peoples misfortune. They elevate their low self esteem by trying to step on others when they are hit with bad times. I feel sorry for them! Mabey they are products of broken homes or molestation. I hope sometime they...
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    Another Kalitta Crash-Bogota...

    What unsafe practices are they doing over at Kalitta? I've worked for Connie and Im not so sure you know what your talking about. Its not the greatest place to be but it was by far better then any commuter or corporate to be at. They train to an extremely high level(I'd say they are better...
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    747 Splits in Two on T/O

    Once again you show your incredible ignorance, You know nothing about the company now, you know nothing of what truly happened and you postulate moronic speculation. The biggest idiots in aviation are always the ones that want to "Monday Morning Quarterback" aviation incidents and accidents...
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    747 Splits in Two on T/O

    You win the award for A$$hole of the year! Now STFU Loser
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    The market HATES this DAL deal

    I cant imagine anyone living life on that pager for a career! Nothing personal but if this guy has options like NWA to go to then he obviously has enough going for him to carve out a better existance elsewhere!
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    Recall Prater Before He Blows This Merger Too

    Anything that can block this merger in my book is a positive. NWA can do fine on its own! Lets hope between ALPA's incompetence,Oberstar, NWA's MEC that they can put the toothpaste back in the tube!
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    A Shutout of Northwest's Pilots.....article

    General Lee, Why all the hate? I cant understand the reason why you have to spread hate and discontent like this. NWA and DAL are both full of great people who work for two of the greatest airlines in the world. Why do you feel a need to lash out at people who have no control over this whole...
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    Maximum duty day in 2 pilot AC

    He didnt ask your opinion on flying fatigued, Why not stick to the subject instead of trying to pick a fight. A little therapy might do you some good fella.
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    Why don't Delta pilots stop the merger?

    No kidding!! Communists are rarely Muslim!
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    Oberstar STILL doesn't want mergers.....

    Everything you just mentioned other than New Orleans (which was also a potential problem under Clinton as well) Was a Legacy problem from Clinton! Enron, OBL, N. Korea,ALL of it! Dont fool yourself BJ gutted America while getting blown on the telephone. Im sorry for the rant but your veiw of...
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    Oberstar STILL doesn't want mergers.....

    When you consider the problems him and his justice department caused like letting CEO's "smoke corporate books and falsifying corporate worth" because he trimmed the justice department oversight which led to the bust and an inflated stockmarket. Not pursuing OBL and just recently having...