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    For those of you that already turned 60

    Guys, Hadn't been on hear in some time, and it's probably been answered, but what happens at FEDEX to the guys who are over 60 but in an SO seat. They are still employs of the company, but can they continue in a window seat til 65? Thanks again!
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    Brazil TAM Airlines Flight 3054 CVR Released

    The Paris crash occured when the test pilot with all the media onboard, tried to demonstrate a clever safety feature called alpha floor. If you get to slow, the throttles advance to throttle latch and you will accelerate out of the slow "close to stalled" condition. Well that safety feature is...
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    Time from interview to notification@ FDX

    I interviewed on 15/16 April and heard from some friends that they got the good news in one week! It took me three weeks and one day to finally get the good news. The word on the streets is that if bad news doesn't come in the first week, you are good to go! Starting June 10th.
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    Looking for Sim time

    Joe Pilot Congrats on the interview! I interviewed with FEDEX on April 15th and had no heavy time other than my 737 type rating in December. I haven't flown any jet since August 2001. I think it would be nice to shake the dust off the old instrument scan, but not essential for someone with...
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    Bases for Poolies?

    Startin' with FEDEX on June 10th, but wanted BWI.
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    NO SWA Summer School

    Sorry about the last "out dated" quote This is the most recent from the April 5th Newsletter "After reviewing the updated aircraft delivery schedule and our manning documents, we have decided to delay the May and June New Hire Pilot Classes. We continue to review this subject on a monthly...
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    NO SWA Summer School

    Sounds like school's out for summer This is from the Flight Ops Newsline for Tuesday, April 2, 2002. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We have postponed the April 11 class while our manning numbers are reviewed. Our staffing is in good...
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    SWA interview info.

    I just heard from a friend that he has an interview with SWA in late April! He does not have a type rating and has had his app in for about six months. I will provide more details once I find out exact dates, etc. It sounds like March might have been better that initially reported. Just...
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    FedEx called...interview

    Jake, I am not "stop-lossed." I must admit that I had given up on FEDEX after being pooled with SWA, and was supprised to get the call on the same day JM called with good news from SWA. I have had my app online for a year and a half, and finally got a third reference at FEDEX in late...
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    FedEx called...interview

    FYI I got called by Beverly at FEDEX on March 21st for an April 8/9 interview. I asked if I could interview on April 15/16. She said that was fine. I sent my initial online app in OCT 2000 with avail date SEPT 2001. Good luck!
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    this question was asked on another board

    I am just an average caveman, who really doesn't know the ins and outs of aerodynamics, but I just came home from an exchange tour flying F-3 Tornados. It is a swing wing (poor turn performance but great speed!) I've seen 750 kts+ in the HUD at 250'. Some guys talk about seeing 800+, but I...
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    Flying For SW out of BWI

    Rainman, A good friend of mine is BWI based and lives in Annapolis! It is an awesome place (no, I didn't go to Canoe U!) and about a 25 minute drive to BWI. Good luck!
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    Radio Telephone Operators Permit???

    I have an interview with FEDEX on April 15 and they definitely want the FCC restricted radio operators permit.
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    Swa Db

    I got the good word today (March 18th as well!) Timeline: Initial App JUL 2001 LORs in AUG 2001 TYPE DEC 23, 2001 Sent in Type JAN 7, 2002 Invite JAN 23, 2002 Interview FEB 12, 2002 Call from Jenifer MAR 18, 2002 (1425 EST)
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    Swa Db

    I interviewed with Jayhawkdude on the 12th of Feb, and was wondering if anyone got the good LUV phone call today (Fri 15 March). I'm sweatin like a big dog!
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    Jetblue APP UPDATE?

    DUMB*SS of the week award :mad: I definitely get the DUMB*SS of the week award! In my haste of getting my JetBlue app into the system in a hurry, I just used .3 per sortie instead of 1.3xhrs. I can't find a way to update my mistake. Does anyone have any gouge on how I can update before I...
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    DRUG TESTS? WHY b/f Hire Decision???

    I interviewed in February and will hopefully go before the DB on March 13th. I've heard that when you come out of the interview, you can fall into four catagories. First catagory is three thumbs up from your interviewers (not even worth discussing in the DB). If you get two up one down, they...