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    Delta F/A interview

    Any good gouge on the Delta f/a interview, or a different site that may be more geared towards that? Also, work rules, junior base, starting pay, what to expect at training? Thanks Swimmer
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    SWA background check

    Did anyone else get a background check packet in the mail recently? My last one was about a year old, wondering if that is just a annual thing, or if they might be getting ready for some more classes this year. Last time I talked to LL I was told that they had hired 148 (140 projected), and...
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    RV parking at OAK

    Can anyone give me the straight skinny on the RV parking situation at Oakland? I have access to a FREE motorhome, and wondering if it will be worth getting a hold of. I think a recent post said it was $110/month, but a previous post claimed that Oakland was planning on doing away with the RV...
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    Passed over poolies.

    Wondering if anyone knows what the status is of some of our poolies that seem to have been passed up on the list? For example Caneman, Joker, Starbuckfriend, and others seem to have been passed over for a Jan/Feb class date. Would it be worth while/possible to investigate as to their status...
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    SWA non-rev benifit

    Can anyone tell me what kind of non-rev. benifits are avaliable to SWA employees, and their families. Who is included in the list of people that can non-rev. (ie. Parents, in-laws)? Swimmer
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    SWA stock price

    I've been noticing that the SWA stock price has been dropping lately. Is this something to be concerned about? For a long while it was hovering at about $19-$20/share, but recently it is down to the $13-$14 range. Anyone that is a bit more savy on this issue care to ease my anxiety? I need...
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    time limit on being in the pool?

    Just wondering for those of us in the deep end of the pool. Will I need to reinterview if a certain amount of time elapses and I don't get a class date? I think I read on another board that NWA was doing that....wondered if that was the practice at SWA. Swimmer
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    Info. for crash pad rookies

    To those of you that have some experience (both good and bad)with crash pads. Would you mind passing along some general info. on how to find crash pads, and what to look for. And maybe some dos, and don'ts when getting set up in one. Thanks Eric