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  1. Chunk

    ARINC flight ops

    Howdy all...been a while since I've posted. I'm looking for any info on ARINC's flight ops positions...I found the job announcement, but it doesn't address salary. Any other info (culture, job satisfaction, realistic requirements for hire) would be most helpful... Thanks, Chunk c h u...
  2. Chunk

    ...yet another Customs (ICE) thread...

    Does anyone have an idea when Customs/DHS/ICE will be posting for Aviation Enforcement Officer positions?
  3. Chunk

    Totally Off Topic: Glocks

    I put 500 rounds through a Glock 22 first time shooting one (well, more than a magazin or two.) I liked the smoothness, but was not able to really be consistent with it. I normally shoot sigs (own a 220 .45 and a 226 9mm - LOVE THEM!) and a beretta 92FS (wouldn't buy it again). I...
  4. Chunk

    Marine One retired?

    I just saw a quick blip on Fox News about Marine One being retired and placed in the Reagan library...anyone know the deal? Are they moving to VH-60s?
  5. Chunk

    Wright Flyer reenactment

    Well, the cable news networks gave a whole 2 minutes of coverage and immediately cut away once the reenactment failed to get aloft. They spoke of how 'disappointing' it was. I found it to be proof of how amazing the Wright Brothers were. 100 years later, we still can't match their...
  6. Chunk

    Lookin' for VP-62 bubbas

    Please PM if you're in 62. Thanks! Chunk
  7. Chunk

    Way off-topic: FFL

    Can anyone shed any light on the mysteries of getting/holding an FFL? (FFL = Federal Firearms license) Mostly $$, limitations, paperwork, et cetera. PM me if you prefer. Thank you fellow Vast Right-Wing Conspirators, Chunk
  8. Chunk

    avatar test - don't read!

    I said, DON'T READ!
  9. Chunk

    New future pilots for the shortage!

    I'm now a daddy times one day!! Thanks to everyone who sent all the encouraging PM's and gave out free advice. Now the hard part...right? My son, Benjamin, and daughter Anna (and you know that there will be a new anna as my avatar now...) took the world by storm today. First time...
  10. Chunk

    OFF TOPIC: Remember this guy?

    Remember the thread about th NASCAR fan that went into the tirade about tiger-riding democrats? Here's volume two!
  11. Chunk

    CFI thread?

    What happened? Get nasty when I wasn't looking?
  12. Chunk

    AirScan, Inc.

    Anyone have any info on pay and general working conditions @ AirScan? Thanks
  13. Chunk

    Flash game for the bored
  14. Chunk

    Cutsoms outlook...

    Anybody know what's cooking over at Customs? Any future AEO or pilot positions opening up? Thanks, Chunk
  15. Chunk

    Watch out for the repo man!

    Jet w/ 103 pax gets repo'd before flight.,0,7356526.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines
  16. Chunk

    President Bush gets a trap!

    Now he can join the tailhook association! Go War Hoov! Bush to proclaim end of combat phase in Iraq By Bill Sammon THE WASHINGTON TIMES President Bush plans to make history today by landing in a small plane on a moving aircraft...
  17. Chunk

    Fling the COW!

    Watch the heifer fly! Only up to 360 myself....working on it, though.
  18. Chunk

    Prof. wishes for "a million mogadishus"

    Read the story below then drop the good prof a note!!! A search for de genova produced one matching entry: Name: NICHOLAS PAUL DE GENOVATitle: ASST PROF Dept: ANTHROPOLOGY Mail Addr: DEPT OF ANTHROPOLOGY 416 HAMILTON mail code 2880...
  19. Chunk

    Human shield sees the light...supports w Here's an excerpt: A group of American anti-war demonstrators who came to Iraq with Japanese human shield volunteers made it across the border today with 14 hours of uncensored video, all shot without Iraqi government minders present...
  20. Chunk

    Sun & Fun

    If anyone has any advice on Sun&Fun, I'd love to hear it. I'm trying to decide which day to go, to find schedules, and obtain advice on flying in. Links are most welcome.... Thanx in advance. Chunk