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  1. Hawker rider

    Parking a car in MEM

    Hi everybody, Can anybody give me some ideas on where to park a car close to or on the Memphis airport? It will have to be there approximately 22 days a month, as I commute from there. I would appreciate any ideas. HR
  2. Hawker rider

    medical validity

    Hey all, Quick question, as I'm very lazy. my medical got done 03-04-2003 and I'm on an ATP so I have to renew it every six months. What is my last month that the license is valid is that september? it's no big deal really as i wasn't going to fly this month and am not going to fly for a few...
  3. Hawker rider

    200 below floor of classB

    Hi, I was reading one of the other threads that mentioned something about this part91 rule. I am having a complete brainXXXX. My other pilot that I am on the road with couldn't give me an answer either. Where can I find at what altitude I am under the floor of classB?? I don't have any charts...
  4. Hawker rider

    Lifeguard=no priority anymore?

    I used to do an occasional Air-ambulance trip before but now I started doing it full time, we have had a bunch of flights the last few weeks, but i want your guys' opinion on something. Afew times ATC actually gave us delay behind an airliner going into some airports, even when we had use of...