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  1. Kittyhawk1048

    Do you think that our dispatcher license will qualify us to fly drones?

    While the FAA has no clue about how to license drone pilots and guys taking hot air balloon courses to hopefully qualify as a drone pilot do you think that the FAA will allow dispatchers to use their license to become drone pilots?
  2. Kittyhawk1048

    Job Openings MESA is hiring
  3. Kittyhawk1048

    Job Openings Helicopter Dispatcher at UPMC (PIT)
  4. Kittyhawk1048

    SkyWest looking again

    The problem with Skywest is that they are located in SGU and no one wants to move there. If the dispatch office was located in lets say MCO or FLL or ATL I dont think that they would always be hiring
  5. Kittyhawk1048

    Holding out for a better dispatching job?

    I agree with SKC you have to get your feet wet in the regionals before even thinking about the majors
  6. Kittyhawk1048

    When you dispatch a flight think of this man as to why we are here Ed Ballinger the dispatcher that dispatched the United flights on Sept 11 2001
  7. Kittyhawk1048

    Very Very Sad day for Comair
  8. Kittyhawk1048

    AA/US Merger and the future of US SOC at PIT

    When (we all know that this will happen) what do you think will happen with the SOC at PIT?
  9. Kittyhawk1048

    Job Openings

    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) - Certified Flight Dispatcher
  10. Kittyhawk1048

    Frontier is looking*FBB31173394D8884
  11. Kittyhawk1048

    Are you serious? Ryan is looking*9229AF3189BF2D35 Didn't they just file bankruptcy?
  12. Kittyhawk1048

    DL Assistant Flight Superintendent

    Yep and I bet that they get as many applications as SWA gets
  13. Kittyhawk1048

    Job Openings

    Home Depot in ATL looking again as usual
  14. Kittyhawk1048

    Job Openings

    Compass in MSP is hiring
  15. Kittyhawk1048

    Job Openings

    Aviation Safety Inspector, (Aircraft Dispatch) Miramar FL
  16. Kittyhawk1048

    Job Openings

    Looks like Walmart is looking for a Senior Manager of Flight Operations Quals: Qualifications * Bachelor's degree in Aviation Management and 4 years experience in flight...
  17. Kittyhawk1048

    ExpressJet is Hiring in ATL*905C3FC9F506C3A0
  18. Kittyhawk1048

    Job Openings

    Looks like Eagle is looking again
  19. Kittyhawk1048

    FAA Job in OKC

    FAA job in OKC
  20. Kittyhawk1048

    UPS Hiring

    And lets not forget that they only get paid once a month which is a deal breaker for most