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  1. Cpt Oveur

    What is the difference between code share and scope?

    When it comes to flying with a certain airline or brand, what is the difference between code share and scope? Whats stopping a company from flying 100 seat planes, selling their own tickets, and also code sharing with a another company, say a legacy carrier?
  2. Cpt Oveur

    Polar and Atlas jumpseats

    I am wondering if anyone currently working for these companies could help me out. I have found the schedules on the Polar website for Polar flights and how to request the jumpseat both on Atlas and Polar, but I've never used them before. I am looking at going from HKG (or SGN) to the states...
  3. Cpt Oveur

    Weight restrictions out of HKG and NRT

    Leaving the far east first week of March returning to the states, and I'm wondering how full these flights are or if they're easy to get on. Out of HKG: I know UAL goes to SFO and ORD on a 747, EWR on a 777, and Delta on a 777 to DTW. Any of these passenger flights easy to actually make it...
  4. Cpt Oveur

    Horizon going the way of the Eskimo There's the announcement. Retiring the brand, but it doesn't specifically say it will be an "express" or regional.
  5. Cpt Oveur

    Delta Pilot Arrested in LHR If the security officers say he...
  6. Cpt Oveur

    Fedex pilots help!

    To any and all Fedex pilots: I am trying to get to work on Sunday and need to connect through MEM. IF I were to jumpseat on a Fedex flight scheduled to arrive at 10:20 am, would it be realistic to be able to make a flight at the passenger terminal at 1154 am? I have connected on Fedex a few...
  7. Cpt Oveur


    I'm looking for anyone out there who is with a company that has multiple airports in the same base such as LGA/JFK, FLL/MIA, LAX/SNA/ONT, IAD/DCA/BWI. What are the work rules associated, pay credits for transportation between the airports, reserve aspects, parking reimbursements, deadheads, etc.
  8. Cpt Oveur

    ASA confirms details for Air Mekong

    4 CRJ 900s are confirmed to be flying for Air Mekong. Details were e-mailed by CT a few minutes ago. Captains: 6250 per month. 900 per month housing allowance 1500 per quarter travel allowance First Officers 4250 per month 800 per month housing allowance 1000 per quarter travel allowance...
  9. Cpt Oveur

    wifi at JFK

    Have some down time in JFK coming up, a few hours. I was wondering if there's any free wifi network that you can piggyback on from the terminal, like the crew lounge's if it had a hidden user name/password, and where can you get reception on it? Does it work if you stand near the Crown Room...
  10. Cpt Oveur

    Scott leather vs Korchmar flight case

    Looking for a new flight case, one with the double strap handles as opposed to the normal handle. Korchmar only comes in a 7", Scott in a 7 or 8. Scott is 319 vs Korchmar 328. Lifetime warranty that doesn't cover wear and tear vs a 5 year one. Would appreciate any input from any pilot who...
  11. Cpt Oveur

    SKywest hiring Q1 2010

    Skywest preparing to hire pilots for the acquisition of 30 turboprops for UAL, presumably the Q400. Anyone at skywest care to comment?
  12. Cpt Oveur

    ASA Furloughing?

    The Displacement bid for the ATRs shows the count of how many pilots ASA is fat. CRJ CA: 42 CRJ FO: 19 CR7 CA: 8 CR7 FO: 15 AT7 CA: 50 AT7 FO: 54 That's 188 more pilots than are needed for the August Schedule. Those numbers are the difference between the number on the roster and the Maximum...
  13. Cpt Oveur

    Expressjet announcement today

    Story breaks at close of business today. Sounds like October is when it happens.
  14. Cpt Oveur

    ASA MCO hub no more

    It looks as though ASA's "hub" out of MCO will not last much longer. Come September, there won't be any more flights from MCO to: CMH PFN RDU RIC SDF TYS And for those of you in PNS looking for intra-Florida routes, PNS-FLL and PNS-TPA are gone at the same time. Look on the bright side...
  15. Cpt Oveur

    Continental to Furlough

    Straight from someone high in flight ops management, confirmed by CN of recruiting: 100-500 on seniority list to be furloughed. Final number is based on many factors, could be related to system bid and second quarter results, and early retirements.
  16. Cpt Oveur

    Ear tubes and class one medical

    Anyone know if ear tubes/ pressure equalization tubes are legal for a class one medical or where can I go for more info?
  17. Cpt Oveur

    ATL Crashpad

    Looking for a crashpad in ATL. I have an airport car, and looking to be a little farther away than Virginia avenue. PM me if you have an info or could point me in the right direction.
  18. Cpt Oveur

    Jumpseat on Eagle Int'l

    Can any eagle pilot tell me if they allow jumpseaters on international flights? I'm looking to get on an ATR out of SJU, and wondering if its possible and what the procedure or any tips might be. Thanks!
  19. Cpt Oveur

    It's official, but who will the new DCI carriers will be?

    Article is too big to post, but here's the link. No hub closures, seniority protection for mainline. Who will be saved? Who will get thrown under the bus? Who will we see posting under the "furlough" section? Discuss
  20. Cpt Oveur

    Continental to get another "Peter Max" 777

    I heard rumors that Continental will have a special "Peter Max" paint scheme for their newest 777 in the fleet, just like aircraft 14 did. Are they trying to ensure an operating loss or is there some truth to this? I know the execs loved that paint job, FA too, but any validity to this...