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  1. atpcliff

    Pilot Shortage affecting the Majors

    Just talked to a regional pilot. A friend of his is a MlEC officer at a very large US carrier. The MEC guy was talking to his airline's CEO. He asked what was the #1 problem that the CEO had to deal with at their airline. The CEO said the upcoming pilot shortage. The CEO did not see how they...
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    Orange Air???

    Just heard of them...some start up based in Orlando.... anyone know anything about them???
  3. atpcliff

    Pilot Shortage in the US is Official

    The Pilot Shortage has finally reached American s*************************...and not just Asia where they are going crazy trying to find much so that they are opening American bases and hiring some FOs. I just was on the website "Quarterlette", a US website aimed at 20 something...
  4. atpcliff

    -135/-145/-170/-190 China Capts wanted

    ERJ145 Captains (Upgrade to the EMB190) - PAID FOR BY THE AIRLINE Upgrade from the ERJ145 to the EMB190 aircraft - PAID FOR BY THE AIRLINE Compensation: $152,000 USD/year + Overtime + $8,000 USD / year for international flight tickets Must be under 56 years of age and have a minimum of 300 hours...
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    Hawker Beechcraft Selling to Chinese Firm Ironically, Hawker Beechcraft got the Military to overturn their contract for the Light Attack aircraft that they lost....because a Brazilian company won the contract....Hawker Beechcraft, and...
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    Electric Drive Motors for Taxi Use I had heard about this. Didn't realize that control of the aircraft on the ground is much better with this electric drive system than what we currently have. We won't need a tug in the future. cliff GRB
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    Sri Lankan

    Hi! I just flew on them. The service was good, they are hiring expats, and it seemed like a nice place to live. cliff DKR
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    Pilot Shortage

    This is from Boeing's report on ME Airlines: I realize that the pilot shortage is least in the US, so the effects we are seeing here in the US now are nothing like what they are seeing in China and the ME, which are the worst off now. Positive effects for US pilots will be more obvious in...
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    New Law Majors Legally Responsible for Feeder

    Hi. What is this??????????????? cliff LFW
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    DAL in Africa

    Hi! Was departing Bamako, Mali this afternoon. It is a "Control" frequency (like a Center). As we were departing, in the first 30 minutes, I counted THREE separate DAL flights on that one frequency. Wow! I think that later there were several more with Accra also. We were flying from Bamako...
  11. atpcliff

    Especially for Dal-N Pilots: MN Lakeshore Lot/Cabins

    Hi! My mom listed her property on 15 Jul. It is on Woman Lake, south of Leech Lake, off of Hwy 371 between Longville and Hackensack. It is about equidistant between the Brainard and Bemidji airports. It is a VERY nice property, and has been in the family, off and on, since 1918. I spent every...
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    Australia's Pilot Shortage

    Hi! I recently read a poster say that in 2008, Australia awarded 20 new the WHOLE year! Flying is vital to Australia, so the gov't decided to do something about it: cliff LFW
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    How Many Months Supply of Excess Pilots?

    Hi! cliff LFW
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    Hi! cliff LFW
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    Thai Cabin Crew Need Hand-to-Hand Combat Training, according to a New TV Show....

    Hi! A little humor to lighten up your day...
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    Southwest Airlines to add flights...

    Southwest Airlines has announced schedule changes for several major cities, including increased flights to Denver, Boston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Orange County and San Francisco. Dallas Morning News March 24, 2010...
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    China to Buy 218 Airliners This Year (2010)

    Hi! Good news for us! cliff NBO
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    Let Us Carve Scope Into Granite NOW!

    Hi! My thoughts on Scope: cliff NBO
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    Algae to solve the Pentagon's jet fuel problem

    Hi! Previously, I had read that the Air Force wanted ALL their domestic flying to be done with non-carbon based fuel by 2016, but I didn't realize that they were this advanced. Currently, we are forced to use oil-based jet fuel, and we are flying our military assets with fuel that someone else...