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  1. ASADriver

    SkyWest to operate 40 EMB175s for AAG

    What do you mean by "replace our misguided MEC" You are legacy ASA, why do you want to replace our MEC? Do you want SmartPref?
  2. ASADriver

    Former ALPA EVP arrested for child molestation.
  3. ASADriver

    Q400s out, E175s in.

    We need deets!
  4. ASADriver

    ASA MEC update.

    It's time to cut XJT loose.
  5. ASADriver

    ASA MEC update.

    Yep! Your side trying to shove an inferior globalized PBS system down our throat has made most of us on this side ready to do just that.
  6. ASADriver

    ASA MEC update.

    What a mistake it was to buy Expressjet. Time to cut them lose. They can take their SmartPref and shove it.
  7. ASADriver

    ExpressJet Jumpseat Priority

    Was it a 145 crew? If so that explains everything. Just be thankful you don't have to merge with them.
  8. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    What the heck are you talking about. The pay language is the same as it is now. Where do you get you can't drink wine on the overnight? Most of the issues you bring up aren't even issues.
  9. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    You're quote was: "This isn't that great of a job anyway." This TA is very close to the current book. I think it is slightly better, but it is very close either way. I don't understand why you would stay here that long if you don't think this is "that great of a job anyway". Something...
  10. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    You're not going to like it.
  11. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    That given the recent agreements signed by other ALPA carriers this is as good as a contract gets. Without a JCBA, they are of the firm belief that the winddown will begin. They don't like it, but they believe it is what will happen. I know many of these guys, and I respect their opinion.
  12. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    I'm not going backwards in my career. I don't like this TA, but overall I think it is acceptable given what I see around me. ALPA has failed all of us. Compared to the other TAs recently, this is moving forward. Don't like it, but it was it is.
  13. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    I'm sorry, but I think I have a great job. You've been here almost as long as me. Why have you stayed so long if this isn't a great job?
  14. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    Yes vote here after talking to my reps. Don't like it, but voting yes. The alternative will be worse.
  15. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    I asked Ed about this. He thinks this is the best we can get now. He doesn't think the company is bluffing on their threats. Give him a call.
  16. ASADriver

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    Why wouldn't you want to ask questions? I have plenty of questions. I don't understand why you wouldn't want to here why they did what they did.
  17. ASADriver

    Contract in waiting EXPRESSJET

    Congrats. Some of us are getting rejection letters because it's been to long since our last type ride. What the heck is up with that?
  18. ASADriver

    All ASA pilots...please read!

    Here's an idea Mickey, why don't you quit?
  19. ASADriver

    SKYW selling XJT?

    Nevets is an idiot if he would rather work for Hulas.
  20. ASADriver

    Latest from ASA/XJT JNC

    You could have a TA that has slight improvements on the ASA side with slight concessions on the XJT side which would probably pass. The XJT side has burned a lot of bridges with the ASA side and it is really their fault we are in this spot. Frankly, I don't care what they think.