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    Freedom Air?

    Freedom Airlines Pilot List This was posted on our ALPA site, thought I would pass it along: Below is a list of current Freedom Airlines pilots as of 1/14/03. This list is circulating among all the ALPA carriers. Many Freedom Airlines pilots are attempting to jumpseat with their old Mesa...
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    Regional Contracts

    Thank you Dairy Air for the great info. As for what industry average is these days, it would obviously depend on what companies you would include. Generally though you would include companies that operate similiar equipment, throw out the high and low and take the average. Although, since...
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    Regional Contracts

    Hey everybody, I am doing some research on the contracts at the regional airlines. As most of you that are familiar with this website are aware, PSA has recently reached a tentative agreement with the company. However, through discussions with various people in the union and company, it has...