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  1. Oakum_Boy

    Latest Regional Headhunting

    Meat in the seat, not headhunting.
  2. Oakum_Boy

    New XJT CP in DFW

    Bruce, Bob, and Robert. Rock stars.
  3. Oakum_Boy

    Abu Dhabi slaying

    Wonder how many EK/EY wives will be leaving after this
  4. Oakum_Boy

    Fleet repurposing.

    I'm fly in any whether.
  5. Oakum_Boy

    Fleet repurposing.

    I've got an idea: BEER CANS
  6. Oakum_Boy

    EMB145 Cabin Trainer installed at ATL Flight Safety

    "So, did you hear?" "About what?" "The new 145 cabin trainer in Atlanta, that's what!"
  7. Oakum_Boy

    Expressjet Rumors

    You know what they say about first impressions...
  8. Oakum_Boy

    Expressjet Rumors

    What. Is United planning on holding us hostage? Who will fly their RJ feed? We will. Rumor dead.
  9. Oakum_Boy

    Chill out Delta!

    OMG, an IP with FP in the JS! Somehow, I fail to believe he was in the cockpit at the time of the incident.
  10. Oakum_Boy

    Express jet ?

    A moot point, you mean. It's no wonder you guys didn't make the cut for bus driver school.
  11. Oakum_Boy

    Xjt CRJs at UAX

    '50-seat jets will have a role well into the future.' On the time scale of an ant, perhaps.
  12. Oakum_Boy

    Angry Delta pilot

    Ops normal at DL. Many hotheads- this one blew his cover.
  13. Oakum_Boy

    Xjt CRJs at UAX

    Planes were turds, Air Wisc ground handling was a turd..and 60% of domestic UA passengers experience this turdage every day. I flew a few of those trips. I couldn't even get a lav dump once a day and the airplanes are filthy because UA decided they don't want to pay for cleaning in between...
  14. Oakum_Boy

    DFW Commuter hotel

    Red Roof North. Back in the day, that hotel could be had for $32 a night. Shuttle, and a Denny's nearby. Did the trick.
  15. Oakum_Boy

    Delta and college GPA

    College is supposed to help develop critical thinking skills. No one has any leaving high school. Digging sewer trenches is no help.
  16. Oakum_Boy

    info on dl 247 psa jfk...

    MXP always open?!
  17. Oakum_Boy

    Delta and college GPA

    Just go down to P'tree city and understand what you'd be getting into. Imagine your entire identity wrapped up in being a Delta pilot. Even on your days off; at the golf course, at the bar, at the restaurant, at the PTA meeting. Imagine.
  18. Oakum_Boy

    It's Official...Compass gets the first 20 American owned E175s

    EV has really swell CRJ-200 and ERJ-145 programs. Wonder why we didn't get the flying?
  19. Oakum_Boy

    Latest XJT info

    Can't wait! Get your financial houses in order, guys and gals.
  20. Oakum_Boy

    Envoy offering $5K newhire bonus again... The desperation is clear

    5K? I don't see desperation, I see an SNL skit in the making.