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  1. RocketRob

    Lasik Eye Surgery

    How much did you guys pay for the procedure from a reputable doctor?
  2. RocketRob

    United and CAL SLI for furloughed pilots

    also how about a "no furlough clause" as a part of the joint contract. Didn't Delta negotiate one of these with there merger? I know what TK is but what is SAM?
  3. RocketRob

    CAL pilots... 757 question re: BCN-EWR

    I don't have any figures for you (I wish I did) however, we have recently switched back to a 767 for both BCN and TXL, which are the most divert prone 757 trips. I'm sure this is just for the winter winds coming home and will go back to the 757 in March. I'm sure your management feels the same...
  4. RocketRob

    2008 hours flown

    417 for me!!!
  5. RocketRob

    Continental Airlines Chooses Not to Merge

    what do you think they are gonna do tomorrow? If CAL looked at the books and said no thanks...
  6. RocketRob


    whats the estimated time frame to receive the tso?
  7. RocketRob

    Skybus Loads

    well, he got the first part right!
  8. RocketRob

    the "L" word?

    fair enough. This was from a CAL V.P.
  9. RocketRob

    the "L" word?

    FWIW our management is of the opinion that (at least 3 weeks ago when asked) both JetBlue and Frontier are in big trouble. Not looking for a flamewar, just the messenger.
  10. RocketRob

    New Routes for Virgin America?

    Let's all hope they start a non stop to chapter 7
  11. RocketRob

    Does Your Carrier Require TSO'd Headsets?

    Whats the latest word on TSO'ing for the Ufly Mike? I'm interested but at CAL and TSO is the new rule, and people who know me know that I never break the rules:pimp:
  12. RocketRob

    Another aircraft order from CAL

    CO orders new 777s and 737s from Boeing CO has added 27 aircraft to its firm order positions at Boeing, including eight new 777 and 19 new Next-Generation 737 (737NG) aircraft. The aircraft orders give CO the flexibility to replace less efficient airplanes and to pursue growth opportunities...
  13. RocketRob

    Two F-16Cs Missing

    Hopefully they just defected to Cuba and are alright
  14. RocketRob

    CAL to install "live TV"?

    Yeah, we can't even get SATCOM higher than 84N so I think satellite TV would be a stretch (not to mention over the rest of the world). If I remember correctly even JB losses signal on routes to San Juan so they offer movies on demand (probably stored on a hard drive).
  15. RocketRob

    CAL's Brand Spankin' New Boeing(s)

    I wasn't complaining, just stating it's a lot of tube time.
  16. RocketRob

    CAL's Brand Spankin' New Boeing(s)

    Try on a 16.6 to Hong Kong someday... whew!
  17. RocketRob

    CAL chief pilot craziness

    Yeah, stop posting on this forum.
  18. RocketRob

    Where can the fam live near EWR?

    I have to recommend to anyone to moving to a new area to rent first! My family and I moved out here from California and didn't have a clue where to go. Inevitability everyone seems to recommend where they themselves live (kinda of like.... should I buy ford, chevy or toyota). Nothing wrong with...
  19. RocketRob

    CAL Newhire Classes

    There were no vacancies on the 777 last bid. My buddy bid it at 100% and did not hold it.