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    SWA Interview Gouge

    Anybody have any new intel on the SWA interview?
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    medical question

    Anyone have info on medical conditions that could result in not being hired by the majors? Of particular concern is kidney stones and cholesterol. would being on maintenance meds for lowering cholesterol be worse than high cholesterol?
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    UPS!?! Any ideas on new hires??

    Still in the UPS pool and no word from Brown. A little leak from HR would be nice--maybe more than 1 time a year. If any of you has heard anything substantial, please respond. Thanks!
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    UPS Lifestyle

    Just curious if anyone with Brown can share some info on the typical new guy schedule. How much reserve, length of trips, and how are the days off usually grouped? How about commuting? I have heard positive things on it (especially compared to the other majors). Just dreaming...! Thanks.
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    UPS Pool Update!

    Hey all fellow poolies. I need some advice. I was finally doing my update that the company mailed us and I actually read the fine print. I was more conservative when I applied and did not use the sole manipulator rule to do my times. If I were to redo them now, possibly with a letter...
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    UPS Brown?

    Is there ANYONE out there called in from the pool since Sep? When are they going to realize how much they need ME and call me for the physical? Just kidding, but even if I knew of someone else getting the call, that would be better than staying in the dark.
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    UPS Pool update

    I talked to HR today and they said no word has come down yet from management. They were told to expect limted hiring this year though. She couldn't really clarify what that meant though. Still about 80 in the pool though. Keep hoping!
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    Any UPS Poolies Heard Anything?

    Anything new on UPS training or call-ups from the pool? If anyone gets the call, let the rest of us know what's up. Thanks and Good Luck!
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    UPS Pool

    I gave up on waiting and called HR the other day. The lady I spoke with said that they had some interviews last week (before Thanksgiving), but those were the last until at least next year. As for training, she confirmed that they are concentrating on operations due to peak season and all, and...