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  1. dgs

    Does JetBlue have career FO's?

    Shall we change the title of this thread to "United hiring practices?" It doesn't have much to do with JetBlue at all.
  2. dgs

    Jetblue: Bushy to depart

    This statement could not be more incorrect. Some people have been observed dancing in the streets. Although I don't celebrate somebody else's misfortune, this was long overdue and the company will be better off.
  3. dgs

    jumpseating in uniform

    The exclusion to the ban on liquids is only for airline crewmembers traveling IN UNIFORM. Of course, an ID is part of that uniform. If you are in civilian clothes you are subject to the same rules as all the other passengers. I was positive space on my own airline, but in civilain clothes...
  4. dgs

    What is up with not wearing full uniform?

    BTW, when I'm commuting offline I don't mind helping your customers who are paying your salaries. It doesn't matter if you are "on the clock" or not. These are the people who paid your company to fly on your airplanes! It's called basic human decency and caring for your fellow "man." If it...
  5. dgs

    What is up with not wearing full uniform?

    I find it amazing that so many pilots on this board don't want to help the customers who are paying their salaries. I commute offline in uniform all the time because it is easier for all the reasons mentioned above. I rarely get asked questions. If I do, I feel privileged to help another...
  6. dgs

    I demand first class when Jumpseating on AA

    I've jumpseated on AA for the past four years. First of all, just be thankful for any free seat you get these days. Beggars shouldn't be choosers! The loads are now often higher than ever. I've been quite happy to sit in some very uncomfortable jumpseats for 4-6 hours just to get home! I...
  7. dgs

    boss' misuse of ATC

    In my Air Force days I knew guys who would phone patch through Command Post to tell the barber they would be late for their appointment. You know, you just can't afford to piss off your barber!
  8. dgs

    jetblue skit on SNL

    Did anybody extract the clip yet?
  9. dgs

    Jetblue Pilots Beware

    Actually, I think there are now three threads. 1. EMB-190 bid at JetBlue 2. TWA history (Moderators -- Can we get this split out and moved to its own thread?) 3. Private BBS. I support that idea and suggested it to an Assistant Chief Pilot almost three years ago. My original idea was...
  10. dgs

    Jetblue ranked #1

    So if you can take JB from point A to point C without connecting in point B, you can get there quicker and get your bag more often. Don't you think that's what the customer would prefer? That's why our business model focuses on direct flights. BTW, last numbers I heard is that about 10% of...
  11. dgs

    jetblue 90% load factor

    I'm sorry, but I won't apologize for management who wants to make a profit and return value to their shareholders and crewmembers. This is a business, after all. It is easy to accuse us of cherry picking routes, but there is more to the story. First, many of our most profitable routes were...
  12. dgs

    JetBlue First Officer positions gone?

    You are very welcome. Although with load factors at 90%, there aren't a lot of empty seats, I personally do everything I can to keep from leaving anybody behind. That applies to customers, non-revs, & jumpseaters. I'll bump our crewmembers to jumpseats to get other non-revs on. Most of us are a...
  13. dgs

    Jet Blue Instuctor Pay?

    JetBlue Sim Instructor Anybody who lives in MCO, or wants to relocate there, who has the qualifications and desire to be a JetBlue sim instructor should apply online. There are several openings for sim instructors, particularly on the EMB-190. However, don't expect it to be a back door into a...
  14. dgs

    McPeak backs Kerry

    McPeak's endorsement for Kerry--another good reason to vote for Bush!
  15. dgs

    A loyal Platinum Delta business pass speaks up

    Thanks from JetBlue Ben -- On behalf of all of us at JetBlue, I want to thank you for flying us and for your compliments on the experience. There are lots of people working very hard to provide the best possible customer experience at very reasonable prices. Your satisfaction and continued...
  16. dgs

    Jet Blue firing???

    This entire thread is based on conjecture and fear. If JetBlue ever starts using the contract to "trim the top 10%" then this discussion might be appropriate. Until then, it's mostly a waste of time to make accusations or answer them from people who simply can't understand how this company works.
  17. dgs

    KMCI, Terrible connecting city!

    I connect through MCI on occasion and the design is horrible. I actually thought SWA was already in their new area because it is better than where they were, but maybe it's not their final location. MCI is undergoing major construction, but having to go in and out of security checkpoints for...
  18. dgs

    jumpseat troublemaker ORD

    In defense of AA gate agents You can't generalize about any company's gate agents. I regularly jumpseat on AA and have seen both ends of the spectrum. Some will bend over backwards to get you onboard. Others get their delight when there are 30 open seats in back, but they can deny you a ride...
  19. dgs

    Whats the fuss over?

    That reminds me of the time I met 600 hr new hire RJ pilots who were looking down their noses at a group of us at another sim training facility in the South. What they didn't realize is they were talking to 4-6,000 hr pilots getting 737 type certifications. The pilots in MIA are pumped up...
  20. dgs

    People Express comparisons

    Because the comparison is often made between JB & PE, I've done a lot of research on PE. I don't really want to spend a lot of time with their history, but I'll point out a couple of things. First, PE expected everybody to do more than their primary duty. For example, many pilots did double...