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    From Pilot to FBI

    Wondering if anyone has made a transition from being a Commercial Pilot to working for the FBI. I am in such a situation and was curious if anyone had experience. Thanks.
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    High Tech Cell Phone - SprintPCS

    High Tech Cellular phone for sale. I have a Motorola Vader 8162 for sale. This is the smallest and lightest phone available on the market today. Sprint still sells this unit at a price of $399.99, but why pay for a new phone when you can get one just as good for a REASONABLE PRICE. Take a moment...
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    Guess your Comair class date

    I interviewed March 5 and I will guess July 21. How about the rest of you waiting for a class date. Guess, I don't want to hear "well, it depends on bombadier" or "I'm not really sure".
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    Comair Training Class

    Has anyone heard anything from scheduling regarding their new hire class date. I interviewed in the beginning of March. Are there people waiting that have interviewed in January or February (trying to figure out how many people are waiting in front of me).
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    First Year Comair FO

    I was wondering if any first year Comair first officers had finished filing their taxes and could share what their yearly income was for their first year. I am curious as I was recently hired and am trying to set up a budget for living in Cin. (rent, etc). Thanks.
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    CRJ Memory Items/Call-outs/Profiles

    Does anyone know where I can find these for Comair or can someone provide them for me.
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    Comair CRJ - Bought Information

    I was wondering if it is worth it to by some items such as: 1. Basic overview of systems on the CRJ-200 2. Cockpit poster of the CRJ-200 3. Question Review of the CRJ-200 I found this stuff available through Let me know if someone has had previous experience with these items. I...
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    Piper Seminole Info.

    I am going to fly a Piper Seminole for the first time in a couple days and would like some info. and can not get my hands on the owners aircraft manual until the day of the flight. So, if you happen to know: 1. Explain the hydraulic system. 2. Fire in flight procedure Thanks.
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    Interview with Comair

    Has anyone had a recent interview with comair and would like to provide some info. to someone who has an interview in March. I have checked out the info. on and received the gouge from Air Inc., but was wondering if there was anything additional that you would add. Thanks.