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    UAL Capt in DEN- December 2010

    Don't the jetbridges in DEN have surveillance equiptment installed? Was told by the rampers to look up (in the jetbridge) near the ramp access door. That stuff is video/audio surveillance equiptment. Looked like it could be, for what it's worth.
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    Delta's new LGA-ORD shuttle operated by shuttle

    Shuttle America was doing ORD-LGA, LGA-ORD for the Delta Shuttle out of the MAT about 4 years ago before they switched it to the MDW-LGA, LGA-MDW stuff.
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    Quick question for Delta 757/767 guys

    It just seemed strange when the ground controller asked the Delta guy if it was for all of Deta's planes he said no, it was just for the 75's and 76's. We have similar procedures for moderate or severe icing conditions for prolonged ground ops but it was barely snowing. They were also doing it...
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    Quick question for Delta 757/767 guys

    Just curious. In ATL last week when it was snowing, the Delta 75's and 76's all had to run up their engines every 15 or 30 minutes while we all were waiting to deice. The ground controllers had never heard of this and one guy said it's a new procedure. Just wondering what the reason is and is it...
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    frontier or virgin america

    G.L. You're right. When they first started flying these routes, they weren't flown efficiently. After learning (with more experience with a new a/c) how the plane performs, they are flown much more efficient now. Unfortunately, the precedent was set with the beginning numbers. You're info is...
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    frontier or virgin america

    You're right, they do. Useless overheads, much smaller seats and cabin. What's not to like more?
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    Atlanta vs. Orlando

    Just tell them you're a pilot and it works in any city:laugh:. Anyway, in MCO, anything from Downtown Churchstreet and west you're dealing with tourists. I lived in Winter Park, Oviedo, and Altamonte Springs for quite awhile and hardly ever dealt with the tourist factor unless friends came in...
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    Funny Gojet sighting

    I'm sure this will be confirmed soon. There was a TSA 145 that had front row seats.
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    Funny Gojet sighting

    So, taxiing out in IAD today, hear a gateway plane ask to turn off into the 30 pad to "slosh" some gas into the other side. They aren't legal to t/o because they are out of balance. Okay, whatever. I thought by "sloshing" I figured he was using slang for crossfeeding or whatever they do in a...
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    Crew Shortage Mesa, Republic

    This question goes out to MasterShaker- since Mesa, Republic, Comair, and ASA are short crews and Expressjet has extra planes and crews that they are scrambling to find homes for, did you ever give thought to maybe Expressjet got the LA flying because they are the only ones with extra planes and...
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    Plane in a ditch at ORD

    Says they lost steering power. What about brakes?
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    Plane in a ditch at ORD

    Couldn't see too well from the C-concourse, but what was the deal with what looked like a CRJ off the taxiway in a ditch by the F gates?
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    Why MESA?

    Many died building them. Ask them if they liked having to work for a living.
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    Delta, Mesa, and the great RFP

    Just a quick question: When Mesa cancels flights due to (insert reason here), how do they end up costing the cheapest to Delta? It seems the added costs of appeasing customers for late or canceled flights would make the "cheapest" become one of the most expensive. What am I missing?
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    Flashlight question

    Hey Wu- read the reg again. I don't know about you, but that rechargeable flashlight installed in the plane down by my left foot seems to cover that reg just fine. Ops spec on the other hand says nothing about a 2 d cell flashlight. It used to, but not any more.
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    MESA strikes again- Jet blast injuries at ORD

    Single engine shouldn't be a big deal if you think what's behind before you add thrust. Not to bash Mesa again, but had the same experience with them in ORF. As they swung out of the parking space, the dipsh!t guns the thrust levers. I've never felt a plane shake as bad as ours did from the jet...
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    Dumb Question

    Because Song is finished. Planes haven't been repainted back to Delta colors.
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    Regional Consolidation

    I just heard this today also. If this is true, I don't see Comair flying the Continental stuff. I could see some of CHQ's Delta 135's/145's being repainted, while Comair still flying the Delta stuff. More 170's on the east coast. MCO is seeing a big base reduction. FLL base closed. What's...
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    Emb 170

    I didn't know the 170 flew out of CLE for Delta. And where are you saying they go?
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    No Frills, No-profit: Ryanair

    A little over a month ago, there was a story in all of London's papers about LCC's (specifically Ryanair). It asked the question if it was worth flying on the LCC's, Is it safe?. Under the title there was a very unflattering picture of a Ryanair FA sleeping in the FA jump seat during a flight...