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  1. WheresRocky

    The Costa Citationair

    Seems this ship has finally run aground. The furlough rumors are coming true. Can anyone on the inside confirm?:crying:
  2. WheresRocky

    Foreigner flies fantastically over NYC landmarks

    No Allah Akbar was heard when Police investigated pilot flying his R/C aircraft dangerously close to several prominent NYC landmarks like the UN, Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge to name a few. :erm...
  3. WheresRocky

    Crews flying high at CitationShares!

    Fractionals react to new NetJets contract By Chad Trautvetter / January 2006 It’s no secret that the NetJets pilot contract ratified in late November raised the bar for fractional pilot pay. Within hours of the tentative agreement’s release in early October, speculation began about when...
  4. WheresRocky

    RUFM up...Radical Union fundamentalist movement

    Netjetwife and others are involved in a full time JIHAD now. Evidence: 99% of their posts of late are spreading their radical pro-union stance on those non-union fractional carriers. Union is the answer to ALL problems in the fractional industry according to these radical fundamentalists...
  5. WheresRocky

    Any intel on CS?

    Anybody have intel on CS? I overheard some CJ pilots talking in a local FBO about some big announcement to be made. I was assuming since NBAA was this week that it would happen there. Anybody with info plz chime in. Want to send my resume. I meet the requirements but have been flying...
  6. WheresRocky

    CRASH in Houston

    Anybody heard of the crash at Houston Hobby as reported on TV just now?