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  1. B-J-J Fighter

    USA Jet DA-20 F/O starting Pay $52,000

    Thanks Yip.
  2. B-J-J Fighter

    USA Jet DA-20 F/O starting Pay $52,000

    Why is JUS always in SDF?
  3. B-J-J Fighter

    AirTran cuts 175

    You going to Swa training on the 737?
  4. B-J-J Fighter

    RIP AirTran. Nostalgia thread

    Did you resign from SWA???
  5. B-J-J Fighter

    AME in ATL

    Bump. Medical due next month. Looking for pilot friendly ATL ame. Long time patient of dr Vereen. I thinking about Dr Faulkner, Harper, or Ted Carter. Pm me if you like.
  6. B-J-J Fighter

    wheels up

    What the pay at wheels up for ca and fo?
  7. B-J-J Fighter

    AME in ATL

    How is Dr Walker in Peachtree City?
  8. B-J-J Fighter

    AME on East / Northeast Side of ATL?

    Like! I was a 14 yr patient of Dr Vereen!
  9. B-J-J Fighter

    AME in ATL

    I'm in the same boat. I was w/ Dr Vereen 14 yrs.
  10. B-J-J Fighter

    AME in ATL

    Dr Vereen is closed ? I was just in his office about a month ago.
  11. B-J-J Fighter

    New XJT VP

    Get Jenny Leigh. I bet he would do a good job.
  12. B-J-J Fighter

    Jetblew Is MESSED up!

    Is JB hiring right now?
  13. B-J-J Fighter

    Looking for AME southside Atlanta

    DR Stacy Vereen.
  14. B-J-J Fighter

    Link to ExpressJet TA

    How big are in raises in terms of a %?
  15. B-J-J Fighter

    Allegiant Air grounds planes for inspection, delays flights

    Allegiant had an engine failure yesterday in bgr I heard. They brought it back around and shot a se ils to mins.
  16. B-J-J Fighter

    How Obamacare is affecting Delta

    How many total 50 seaters are being parked and what is the breakdown per airline other than pinnacle?
  17. B-J-J Fighter

    Air Force Fighter Pilot Shortage

    No I haven't flown fighters but I have flown both fixed and rotary. I can assure you I can fly a fighter better than you can fly a rotary. You wil barely be able to keep a rotary in the air the first few times.
  18. B-J-J Fighter

    Air Force Fighter Pilot Shortage

    Rotary wing guys have more piloting skills overall than fighter pilots.
  19. B-J-J Fighter

    AME in Newnan?

    I have been to dr Dave and Dr Vereen. You will be in good hands with Vereen.
  20. B-J-J Fighter

    Avantair CFO Resigns

    Lol. So waft is it?