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    EK layovers

    What is the typical trip and RON like on the 777 and the buses? Do you have time to see or do anything? (I am too lazy to do the search and I know about pprune too.) Thanks mn
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    Most senior furlough at American

    What is the most senior person's date of hire at American?
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    Alaska reports a profit
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    Win for Alaska

    Alaska Airlines rated #1 Conde Nast Traveler readers rate top business airlines for '05 September 27, 2005 Readers of “Conde Nast Traveler” ranked Alaska Airlines as the best domestic airline in the nation for coach and first class service. The No. 1 ranking came in the magazines eighth...
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    Alaska Airlines

    Heard a rumor today that calls were going out for a Jan. 4, class. The numbers would be 10 total with 6/4, or 4/6 SEA to ANC. Can't remember which base got more. Anyone got the call yet?
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    New Destination for Alaska

    Alaska Airlines today announced it has applied for authority to provide nonstop service from Los Angeles to Loreto, Mexico. The service will be supported by a marketing partnership with The Loreto Bay Company. The twice-weekly flights will begin February 17, pending U.S. Department of...
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    Never Forget
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    Telex ANR 850

    Has anyone tried the new Telex ANR 850 headset. More to the point, anyone that flies the 737-400/NG? Telex claims the headset gets its' power from the a/c intercom system. Therefore, no batteries.
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    Alaska's profit in Q2

    Even before the government money, we would have made a $900,000 profit. Not much, but still a profit in these difficult times. Alaska Air Group Reports Second Quarter Results SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 22, 2003--Aided by $71.4 million in government assistance ($44.3 million after tax)...
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    Alaska Jumpseats

    As of May 15, we now offer unlimited jumpseats. If there is a seat open in the back, you can ride. Unfortunately, you still have to be on our list. Alaska, Horizon, Northwest, Era and Pennair can ride in the cockpit. Mach
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    JetBlue to give up 5 LGB slots

    Interesting read... htt://
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    D-Day for National

    National Airlines' Time Running Out Tiffani Sargent reporting Last Updated: Aug. 27, 2002 News 13 More Stories Top headlines on News 13 e-Brief Currently Unavailable It's come up with the cash, or shut down bottom line. This as a US Bankruptcy Court judge...
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    Alaska...eastward bound

    Newark, Miami to become Alaska cities late this fall Posted August 21, 2002 In another move fortifying its strength in Seattle, Alaska Airlines will launch nonstop service late this fall from the Emerald City to New York/Newark and Miami. Next Generation 737-700s, seating 120, will be used...
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    National and the ATSB

    I just heard from some friends @ N7 that the loan application got refused. They have a court date on the 19th. That could be the beginning of the end. Does anyone have the news release. I cannot find anything that can confirm the ATSB ruling.
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    Alaska New Hire Class

    The Alaska new hire class for July 8th: (4) 737-700 SEA (2) 737-400 SEA (2) 737-400 LAX The oldest is 39 and the youngest is 31. 4 Civilian, 2 QX, and 2 Military.
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    KSEA crashpads

    Any good crashpads around the KSEA area? I start with Alaska on 07/08 and will need a place. Thanx, Mach :)
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    National Airlines

    Anyone have any info? Are they still in business and if so, how are they doing?