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  1. ShawnC

    What To Do When The Starter Dies...

    Works well on the larger engines too, I uhhh... I mean a friend of mine hand propped a 402. Of course he would never do something like take that aircraft flying because the AI would go spinning like a top on the climb out. :eek:
  2. ShawnC

    Plane crashes into NYC building!?!

    I don't remember the SR20 being approved for aerobatic flight. I know that the SR22 isn't and that they are both not approved for intentional spins. Thanks to the witnesses we can call off the NTSB, we already know the reason of the crash.
  3. ShawnC

    Continental To Lower Baggage Weight Maximum

    I would hope that the people at the 70 pound mark are a minority and not a large part of the customer base, because pissing your customers off simply doesn't sound like a good idea. But hey, that's just me.
  4. ShawnC

    who saw the "High and Mighty"??

    Ghee I haven't posted here in a while, been lurking just not posting. Not too many faces that I recognize. But I got this DVD today, it's a great film I very much enjoyed it for the first time (never seen more then snippets). It's great to see it out of the vault and released. The scene where...
  5. ShawnC

    Confess: Who leaked on this poor woman?

    I think any pilots that has spent more than the required hours in Cessnas has dumped fuel out of at least one tank on takeoff.
  6. ShawnC

    CL-215 crash, Italy, last words...

    Funny, I read the oppsite, it was in an aviation quote, where one of the guys who regularly reviews the tapes, says that often the last words are "oh $hit" said with no emotion in their voice at all.
  7. ShawnC

    Affordable aerobatics?

    True, but I don't know about you, I think it may be a little hard to get out of a Pitts, particularly when it takes a can of Crisco to get all but the thinnest pilots into the cockpit.
  8. ShawnC

    Affordable aerobatics?

    Those are most likely the newer models such as the S-2B and S-2C (along with some S-2S's), which have the AEIO-540's, bigger engine, higher cost.
  9. ShawnC

    Boeing chief dips it in company ink...

    I know that he isn't going to be out on the street (well not without being in the back of a limo). But it's still a blow to his personal pride.
  10. ShawnC

    Boeing chief dips it in company ink...

    I want to see pictures myself to see if it was worth it for him, you know losing his job and all.
  11. ShawnC

    Another Airbus Rudder Incident

    Something tells me that the rest of the rudder was removed to be examined, if not I would also like to see what happens if it completely fell off.
  12. ShawnC

    Affordable aerobatics?

    Pretty much agree with what everyone posted above. You can find some S-1's for a pretty low cost, even something like a S-1C can take a skilled pilot through sportsman, possibly into intermediate.
  13. ShawnC


    True, but the sportsman routinely is normally geared to be able to be done in lower end aircraft. It was a couple of years back that I saw it, but I think it was because he zeroed a maneuver, was the reason that killed his score.
  14. ShawnC


    I saw on RV-8 do the Sportsman routine, he didn't score that well, but he was able to all the maneuvers.
  15. ShawnC

    Transceiver on airline?

    Or for takeoff in Hotlanta. You:" Delta your cleared for takeoff, everyone else get out of his way..."
  16. ShawnC

    N379P - Plane of mystery

    Probably just the cost of scrapping the old numbers, and applying the new numbers when it's a government agency requesting the change.
  17. ShawnC

    Comair cancels all flights today

    Anyone know the phone number of Comair's IT manager? I'm always looking for work. :) Heres to hoping that I have no problems with my January trip to Lost Wages. Then again I am flying United and stopping in Denver. ;)
  18. ShawnC

    a fun read (albeit long)

    Didn't sound too far fetched until he got to 1980, umm yeah right.
  19. ShawnC

    King Air gurus

    Actually the difference is in the avionics package. The 172S is the base model, the SP is the loaded model, with AP, and all the bells and whistles. Now the SP model includes glass.
  20. ShawnC

    Inflight video from inside Extra wow wow!!!

    Looks like a new expensive way to create widows IMO. Looks fun too, oh how many times have I wanted to do a loop over and under the Skyway.