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  1. Dominicinco

    California Trip

    My gf and I will be going on holiday to Cali next week. Were flying into LA and staying with my parents for a couple days, then driving up to SF on Friday morning on the 5 freeway past cow country. On Sunday afternoon, we're planning to drive down to Carmel/Monterey area then heading over to...
  2. Dominicinco

    Attention Moderators

    My friend has unfairly banned from His name is Turpentyine, he never received a notice or was never sent to the penalty box. He would like to know why? Can he get his account reinstated? He sent numerous emails and never got a reply from you guys.
  3. Dominicinco

    Flight Training in Florida or Texas

    I've been thinking about moving down to Florida to get my Certificates once I finish my BA in Airport Management from SUNY Farmingdale next year. My gf wants to move to Texas around the same time, specifically San Antonio. Im ok moving to either city, but which one offers better flying and...
  4. Dominicinco

    Fuel Capacity of the Airbus 380

    I made this website on the Airbus 380, but I am missing some information. I need the fuel capacity of this bird. I know its going to be 15% or so more efficient than the Boeing 747 but does anyone know the exact specs. thanks
  5. Dominicinco

    Ground School Training Cost

    I was wondering what some of you who are working on your PPL are paying for ground school. My friend told me his instructor is charging him $30/hour and it takes about 2 hours to complete 1 chapter of the Jeppesen Textbook, mind you their are 11 chapters. $30 x 2hr. = $60/1chapter 11ch x $60=...
  6. Dominicinco

    First Airplane

    I hate to sound like a broken record but i'm not sure if anyone has touched on this subject. My friend and I are interested in buying a single engine airplane to use during our flight training(PPL, Instrument, and gain T/T). What make or model, we do not know yet. My question is, How many of...
  7. Dominicinco

    Paris Airport Terminal Collapses

    Fortunately, the terminal was somewhat empty at the time in which more lives could've been lost. Paris Airport Area Collapses; Up to Six Die By JOCELYN GECKER, AP PARIS (May 23) - A section of the futuristic, cylindrical...
  8. Dominicinco

    'single airplane airline' thread??

    I saw this thread a few days ago about airlines/charters that have only 1 or 2 airplanes in their operations. Im not sure if it was this board or not, but if anyone has info on it, please post. :confused:
  9. Dominicinco

    Writing a Flight Plan..??

    I have an assignment to write a flight plan but I'm stuck as to what to do. Heres what the assignment was: Assume zero deviation as if you had a perfect compass. First as text in case your system cannot accept inserted grid, then as grid and next EMail will carry an MSExcel attachment ...
  10. Dominicinco

    Pilot Supplies In Nyc Area??

    I am looking for an E6B flight calculator, plotter, and NY Sectional Chart. Does anyone know where I can find these items in New York City? I need them by monday for a test so Sportys isnt an option and I dont drive so I cant go to Long Island. Does LaGuardia have a pilot shop? Any help is...
  11. Dominicinco

    A&P classes

    How is everyone? happy new year. I have a couple questions about A&P licenses and engineering. Does anyone know a place to get your A&P license in NYC or LI. I go to Farmingdale SUNY out in New York and am taking some aviation courses, but they dont offer any airplane mechanic courses. Second...
  12. Dominicinco

    Air France Pilot arrested again

    Another AirFrance Pilot was arrested for joking that 'the plane will blow up' and 'he will blow up' to a TSA agent when he passed through security and something in his bag was deemed suspicious. He boarded the plane but shortly afterwards was escorted off in handcuffs after TSA reported it to...
  13. Dominicinco

    model airplanes

    I am looking for a site or store that have cool model airplanes i can mess with. Anyone know a cheap place or site i can get some. Is there a hobby shop in NYC. I realy want the ones you can build yourself. HOURS of FUN, not to mention kill time. thanks
  14. Dominicinco

    Really cheap rates on Loans..

    I am starting my flight training for a Private Pilot Certificate this week. However, first I must find a good loan with Outstanding Rates. I heard Key and Fannie Mae have low rates, but not low enough for me~ Anyone know of some within the New York City Area. Its tough for me to go out to all...
  15. Dominicinco

    building on top of Kai Tak

    New development will occupy the space where the one of the world's most (in)famous airport once stood in Hong Kong - Kai Tak International Airport. Details here click camera icon below pictures. Development Oasis in the city: Kai Tak Kai Tak Airport, the world's busiest in terms of...
  16. Dominicinco

    plane lands on 405 freeway

    Has anyone seen this ...plane lands on 405 freeway Blew my mind away!! :eek: :D
  17. Dominicinco

    Questions for flight schools

    This has probably been covered many times over before but I will say anyway. I am new to flying and I'm currently looking for a good school to train in to get my PPL. I am going to start calling some schools in Republic Airport, L.I. where im interested to start my training. Can anyone start...
  18. Dominicinco

    Any thoughts on Nassau Flyers

    I have made up my mind on where to get my training so I can obtain my PPL, Nassau Flyers at Republic Airport in L.I. I am going to schedule an appointment for an intro flight next week and if all goes well then im off to a pilot career(crosses finger). I've read a few things on this posting...
  19. Dominicinco

    Air FLeet in NJ & part 141

    I hear Air Fleet Training Systems in New Joisey is a pretty good school. Im also interested in it because they are a Part 141 training school so I may be able to get Financial Aid.. hopefully :) Speaking of which, are you awarded grants or JUST loans when you attend a 141 school? Does anyone...
  20. Dominicinco

    New Jersey schools

    New Jersey flight schools I hear flight schools are cheaper in New Jersey, can anyone recommend any flight schools there? The schools in Long Island are pricey but if you get better instruction then i dont mind paying a lil something more. Any thoughts on these schools, i think they're all...