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    Voluntary Furlough?

    When the company offers the voluntary furlough they should tell you what is provided. Seniority, Duration of medical benefits (i.e. 3 months), travel, etc.
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    Airline Discounts in Vegas anymore??

    I believe he means if they upgrade your room from standard to a nicer one you should tip.
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    Anyword on Skyway new classes?

    I believe a class started yesterday.
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    Any former SIUers out there?

    549-5326 quatro's deep pan pizza or a winstons bagel perhaps.
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    Comair poolies; Anyone get called lately

    My sarcasm detector must be broken.
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    Comair poolies; Anyone get called lately

    Chicago Express is no more.
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    Crash at MDW?????

    Southwest 1248 from BWI, its on CNN now.
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    Carribean Sun

    just SJU
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    E170 and Skywest?

    SLC and CMH for Delta ORD and IND for United