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    How Long On Flightinfo?

    Does anyone remember jimborealgoodpilot telling everyone that he use to make all his FO's hand fly all day long, except when he was banging one of the flight attendants....then he would make them put the autopilot on and that is funny! sen # 762
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    Kidney Stones

    I had a 8mm stone about 3 years ago. Here is the deal. You cannot fly with retained stones. You have to be stone free. The Faa does not care about the first stone. After that, it is up to the faa on a case by case basis. ALPA told me that no one had ever been denied a medical if they could prove...
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    Anyone know this guy running for ALPA pres?

    Who is this guy? Better than Worthless? What kind of dirt can Duane dig up on this guy?
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    Kidney Stone

    Hey there, I had one about 2 years ago. I feel for you! I had an 8 mm stone that had to be lipotripsied (blasted) into small pieces. I passed a 3 mm chunk, the rest just sand. Here is the deal with the FAA, according to the ALPA aeromedical and my experience. The do not care about your...
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    Fedex-ANC MD-11 schedules?

    Vacation, training, and other.
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    Fedex-ANC MD-11 schedules?

    Hello and welcome to ANC, First, as a bottom new guy, you will NOT be able to hold reserve. Reserve goes mid-way senior because you sit around alot and local guys like that. As a bottom feeder you will get a secondary line (aka VTO line). You will find out your monthly schedule a few days...
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    Cheever "steps down"

    "Meet the new boss......same as the old boss" Roger Daltrey
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    MOAB results are out!

    Here is the best I can figure - Don't quote me on any of this: UNFILLED POSITIONS ANC MD-11 FO - 68 MEM 727 FE - 234 MEM 727 FO - 53 Most Junior Captain - MEM 727, SEN # 3729 (July 30, 2001) Most Junior Widebody Captain - ANC MD-11, SEN # 3009 (not sure - about 1998?) I moved way up the...
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    Tailwheel question

    I'm pretty sure we only did wheels on landings only. I can't even remember doing a 3 point landing in the 800 hrs I have in the airplane. The type ride was a normal atp/type check ride in the airplane. I checked my log book and all the guy wrote was ATP check ride satisfactory. I did 3 or 4...
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    Tailwheel question

    nope.......after 1991! sf3ca
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    Tailwheel question

    I have a question: Do I have a tail wheel endorsement? I never got a tail wheel endorsement, but I am type rated in a dc-3. I think I'm rated for the 3 only. Personaly I would never fly a tail wheel with out some instruction because I would probabally friggin kill myself if I were to try...
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    Fdx Subic Question

    Here is the story I heard, That they are not flying OT or draft and they had a airbus that needed to go somewhere. Subic made a taxing airplane return to the gate, or they held the push........something like that, then Crew scheduling was patched in to the cockpit to try to draft a jumpseater...
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    This is dam funny. Here is something that is not as funny though; A UPS guy in the hotel lobby just told me that they (UPS) just gave back 3 HKG slots to the DOT. I asked him if he had any idea why? He said no idea......maybe they don't have enough crews. SF3CA
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    Been real quiet on the FedEx rumor front...

    Had a GOC manager on the jumpseat the other day, said a couple of things. First, FedEx wants the 737-800, but can't seem to find any (I assume at the price they want), so the 757 is back ont the table. Second, they can't find enough flight schools, tech colleges, children's museums or fire...
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    FDX MD-11 New Hires to ANC

    Just heard this one.......LA to double in size!!! I heard it from a guy who lives in the O.C. That's what he told Jack he wants! Jack said O.K.!
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    FDX/DL, CASS, and you

    An alaska buddy of mine called the Fedex 800 number to list and they told him that even though alaska is in CASS, alaska is NOT allowed. Is this true? SF3CA
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    Fedex news

    Just got to ANC. Looks like I need to bid MEM Airbus FO, two months of training, no pay raise. Then maybe back to ANC. There is no short course for the three more months of school, no pay raise and perhaps a move package. What to do? So many choices! Wonder how much they will...
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    Northern Air Cargo Pay

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    Northern Air Cargo Pay

    Does any one have the pay scales for Northern Air Cargo? If not the pay scales, what's starting.....5 year FO, 5 year Captain (if there is such a thing) and so on. Thanks, SF3CA
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    MEM Real Estate Question

    Check you Private messages SF3CA