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    watch for the bird --- ejection
  2. Humty72 for canada

    Hey, Does anyone know of a website similar to that works for Canada as well as the states? Thx..
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    New US Airways livery?
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    135 Oxygen requirements.

    yea.. what is your take on that portion.
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    135 Oxygen requirements.

    Ok, I am looking for some input on the interpretation of FAR 135.157 O2 requirements. I am unable to justify or relate the (b) portion of the regulation to the oxygen duration chart in a King Air B200 (for example). To me the chart does not seem to be able to cover the 2 hour requrement for...
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    FedEx 101
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    all back at Continental

    Glad to see it... HOUSTON (04/01/05) — The last of the 637 pilots furloughed by Continental Airlines in the aftermath of 9/11 returned to their jobs at the airline today to begin retraining. The 19 pilots return under a brand new labor contract that goes into effect today. “In reality, this...
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    30 in 7 question

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    NWA -- more 9s going... *sigh*

    NWA to cut 130 Twin Cities jobs; 800 more could go by end of 2005 Pioneer Press More job cuts are on the way for Northwest Airlines workers. The airline said today it will cut 130 Twin Cities maintenance jobs by May and perhaps as many as 800 more by the end of the year as it removes two dozen...
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    Mesaba Big Announcement on Friday

  11. Humty72

    Mesaba Big Announcement on Friday

    u r an idiot
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    NWA DC9's

    They planned it that way.. They wanted the "compass" to point foreward on both sides to represent the company's idea of moving foreward.. or something like that. Also, they probably believe (as do I) that a great deal of their customers had/have no idea about the old paint scheme in which the...
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    Moronic Passenger Stories

    I heard one about a passenger (who was apparently a private pilot) write the company a letter about how the pilots were unsafe and not doing their job. The person thought this because they were just on a J-32 flight where the crew did not do a mag check before takeoff. Apparently that passenger...
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    Captains off the street?

    if they don't have f/o's that meet the minimum requirments for upgrade (or fo's that have the time but choose not to) then what would you propose?
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    applying at Mesaba

    thx for the reply.... i failed to scroll down on this page.. however it says DO NOT APPLY ONLINE... so I guess a cover letter and resume to the listed address is in...
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    applying at Mesaba

    I have a friend that wants to apply at Mesaba, but their website isn't too clear on how to go about doing it. There is an email address , do any of you folks know if the procedure is to start by sending a resume via that address? Any info would be appreciated .. thx
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    Hey, Northwest folks....

    The 2005 recalls are required to backfill attrition and a forecasted increased flying level.
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    Hey, Northwest folks....

    probably/hopefully early 2006...
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    helicopter video