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  1. Geronimo4497

    It's Final: Avantair to Be Liquidated - AIN Article

    Keeping it classy, FI style. :rolleyes:
  2. Geronimo4497

    Thoughts go out to AA pilots and their families

    Thanks all. What a mess.
  3. Geronimo4497

    Thank You Avantair Crew, down in Ocean Reef

    Hate that place. 07FlippingArseholes
  4. Geronimo4497

    Avantair pay cut vacay elimination

    Don't feed the troll. Misery loves company.
  5. Geronimo4497

    flight planning to Alaska is the best resource for your trip. Canadian WX and charts are available too.
  6. Geronimo4497

    What is XOJet's callsign?

    NxxxXJ or NxxxPT
  7. Geronimo4497

    15 on 13 off

    Read that sentance again.
  8. Geronimo4497

    15 on 13 off

    New invention: Washing machines and dryers.
  9. Geronimo4497

    15 on 13 off

    If you are single and enjoy long blocks of time off, it is ideal. Even more so come vacation time Obviously only a small fraction of pilots would like this option. I am one of them. And the attitudes on this board are simply disgusting. Oh wait, this is FI.
  10. Geronimo4497

    NetJets 2nd Qtr Earnings

    Do you guys really see recalls happening with statements like this? Not trying to be a jerk; just trying to look at things realistically. :erm:
  11. Geronimo4497

    I'm Here Doing Avantair

  12. Geronimo4497

    Logging Piaggio Time

    We miss ya already! I notice that you did not name a successor to the CMO (Chief Morale Officer) position. :nuts:
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    Avantair Experiencing Unrivaled Growth - Press Release

    Just did PBI-BED today in 3+30 with the majority of the flight at FL390. Fuel burn was 2200lbs. Not too bad for a screw job. Looking at flightaware there was a Citation 560 that did it in 3+10. Not too big a difference and I am sure our passengers enjoyed the cabin a lot more.
  14. Geronimo4497

    AvGas Question

    It will run hotter and burn a touch more fuel. I clean my plugs every 5th run just to be safe. Get a good plug cleaner and/or set of picks to scrape the lead out. More MX but the smell is worth it.
  15. Geronimo4497

    Avantair's new-hire class!

    You sure are an angry young man, Kyle. Don't crap on other people's career choices just because it does not fit your definition of a perfect job. You may live longer.
  16. Geronimo4497

    AIN on Avantair

    My Lord, people. Leave it alone already! :smash:
  17. Geronimo4497

    Flight options new pay

    What does the 16-2 schedule mean? 16 days on 2 weeks off? Ouch. My head hurts just thinking about that.
  18. Geronimo4497

    Should This Pilot Be Fired?

    <--------- p.180
  19. Geronimo4497

    PC-12 max cruise power true airspeeds?

    What temps are you using? Where does your rudder trim line up in cruise? At 16K you should be well into the 260 KTAS range. At 23K, 245 is about right. How hot has the OAT been at cruise? The airplane is a dog in heavy and hot conditions.
  20. Geronimo4497

    Age limitation for 91K

    Well then, I want my Jepp updates back. :nuts: