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    More luggage questions

    I have another question regarding EJA and luggage. I am wondering if I will continue to need to lug around my flight case I have used for years carrying piles of jepps and other books. What does EJA require you to carry? Also, should I take it to my indoc to carry home books? Are they going...
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    Got the EJA call!

    ...Actually I called them, but same result - I'm in! I will post the timeline below. I took a class in the Ultra, starting Indoc on 2-18-01. Could have had the Excel but with about a2 month later starting date, felt like seniority was most important. So now for the question for the EJA guys...
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    EJA Nov 12th

    Just looking for anyone who interviewed with EJA on Nov 12th or even since then to see if anyone has heard anything yet? Still Waiting Patiently....... Thanks! ST:confused: