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  1. ms6073

    CoEx - traveling with bicycles?

    Sorry as this post is not to ask questions about hiring, time on reserve, scheduling, or quality of life but the wife and I are heading to Vermont at the end of the month for a bicyling vacation and we are flying CO/COEX - IAH-EWR-BTV. We are bringing bikes which will be packed in a single case...
  2. ms6073

    Need some current info about KMSY?

    A question was asked in another, non-aviation related forum about who/what/where to contact in order to try and retreive/tow an automobile that was/is parked at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Realizing that there are much bigger issues effecting immediate recovery efforts...
  3. ms6073

    USA reporting AF landed long...

    USA Today is posting the following headline for a brief article from Associated Press: "Air France jet landed too far down the runway, probe finds" ( )
  4. ms6073

    Small plane crash-lands just outside of Hobby Airport

    Sorry if this was already posted but here is a link to the story about the accident on the local ABC affiliate's website:
  5. ms6073

    Flying Penguins - Flash game

    Penguin Game
  6. ms6073

    Plane crash near Lake Conroe kills two m

    Very sad... Plane crash near Lake Conroe kills two men
  7. ms6073

    Plane crash near Lake Conroe...

    Very sad... Plane crash near Lake Conroe kills two men