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    Frontier hiring process

    Could somebody shed some light on how I would go about applying for a job with Frontier. I have looked several times on their website just to see that they are not accepting resumes. I would love the chance to fly for them. Also do you know what their looking for and what is competitive for...
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    328 DU Failure

    You will still have the stanby AI which will last for 30 minutes if you loose electrical ei..the DC gens, alts or the TRU. The standby is mechanical not a computer display and is electrically driven. So even if you loose all your DU's you still have your standby instruments to keep straight and...
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    US AIR wholly owns screwed

    Once again the wholly owns of US Airways are left out to dry by their supposed mainline brothers. On behalf of all your brothers and sisters at the 3 wholly owns, thanks for watching out for us and our lively hoods, we hope you and your step brothers and sisters live happily ever after.