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    ORD Parking

    Anyone have an unused parking spot near the airport or the el station that they would be willing to rent out. Or just if anyone has any tips for commuting out of ord, Does the airport sell employee passes for those not based there. any help would be apprecitated.
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    Ord Commuter

    Just moved to Chicago, and am looking for any info on parking either at the airport, or near the EL station, any advice or info would be appreciated, also if any has a crashpad near the el with an unused parking spot they might be able to rent out. thanks.
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    New Commuter from Chicago

    Does anyone have any info on parking at O'Hare for someone not based there? We recently moved to Chicago, but he is not based there, and needs to commute elsewhere to start his trips. We need help on the logistics of it all & was wondering if anyone had any tips, especially how/where to park...