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  1. RookiePilot

    Would like to lease a 6 seat single prop

    I'm looking to lease a Cessna 210, Cherokee 6 or something comparable in the SoCal area. It seems slim pickings on the sites I'm looking at now. Anyone have any (pertinent) info or advice? I'd very much appreciate it.
  2. RookiePilot

    HF radio for east Russia and Asia?

    I need to plan a flight for a ferry flight to south east asia. we have about a 900 nm range and need to go via Alaska, Russia, Japan, China. I'm a little worried about Russia and Japan airspace and airports. Is HF radio required over there? and if not, is it advisable? From what im seeing a...
  3. RookiePilot

    ATP good or bad?

    I have a flight student that is thinking about leaving his Community college flight program to join ATP after he receives his Private license. They promise up to MEI for $45,000. Anybody have any advice for him?
  4. RookiePilot

    South America jobs?

    hey, I've been browsing all the threads here and while they are great, i can't seem to find any way to job search for South America jobs. I'm a (really) low time pilot with a brand new multi commercial license. I don't want to instruct and figure now is the perfect time to explore other...