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    I never applied to NWA or DAL. I did get an offer from UAL, but passed it up, for obvious reasons - thank God! I have no problem with you flying at DAL, or anyone else for that matter. You do an awful lot of talking, but the fact is that scope relief (any way you want to cut it) is the reason...
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    I just checked in to look at this thread, after 2 weeks of "swearing off" the BS at FI. How ironic that 2 products of scope relief (Superpilot and PeanuckeCRJ) are the 2 cheerleaders of scope NOW!! While I agree that scope is a major problem, I can't stand A$$kissers like these 2, suddenly...
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    Frontier Airlines gets $40 million DIP Financing

    How about your employer tells you how to spend YOUR money? The first thing you're going to say is .......? That's right, "it's my money, I earned it and I'll do whatever I want with it!" How is Republic any different? They are in the business of making money, period! Whether or not you or I...
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    Frontier Airlines gets $40 million DIP Financing

    Many of our guys have alot of experience - we have many ex military fliers, who ten years ago would have gone right to UAL, DAL, etc... It sucks that you got furloughed, with so much invested in your career, but the word that I've heard, is that Midwest is and has been for a number of years, an...
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    Frontier Airlines gets $40 million DIP Financing

    Who will be the largest creditor, when you exit BK? Is Airbus owed money? (I haven't looked at any of the information). BTW, Midwest would have closed it's doors already were it not for the financing that RAH provided. Were they making a deal with the devil? Probably.... Is F9 making a...
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    Frontier Airlines gets $40 million DIP Financing

    $70 million in DIP financing plus a claim for $150 million = ????????????
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    continental pension underfunding
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    Freedom out of JFK

    The flip side is that DAL might already know that Freedom is going to screw up, no matter where they put them. They'll give them CVG, then let them drop the ball on their own. After 6 months, DAL will go at it again.
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    Obama Signs Orders to Help Unions

    Obama signs a pro-union regulation. The union represented Pilots on FI (who voted Republican) immediately claim that we are all screwed. The argument switches to 9/11 and terrorism. What is wrong with you people? Where is Occam, when we need him?
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    Republic To Fly Spirit Routes

    The Spirit rumor just got "put to bed" by a credible source - NO TRUTH TO IT!!!! Now, please stop the BS.
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    United outsourcing pilot jobs with codeshare

    I'm in my late 30s. I have another career which is a backstop to this one (yes, I have something to fall back on). My wife has a good career (we sacraficed alot to make sure that our bases were covered). I've worked in places and conditions that sucked royally, to pay my way to this point -...
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    Any more news on Skywest furloughs?

    You guys are going to "ramp up" in the late spring (word from an outside source). Take everything you hear with a pinch of salt!
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    United outsourcing pilot jobs with codeshare

    The route you take in life is your choice. Take a look at your post and tell us what the theme is. 1) I made the mistake of going to UAL 2) my .........., my ..........., my ...........
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    R.I.P PIT Petting Zoo!

    McNugget is a Troll - I seriously doubt he flies here.
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    Disturbing Xmas letter from Republic CEO

    I'm not a fan of the religious letters, etc... But they are NOT REQUIRED READING!! BigBird is obviously pissed at something - just leave if you don't like it here. Nobody has to read anything that BB puts on his letters, it's entirely optional. Get a life.
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    Mesa Delisting

    I keep seeing Freedom E145s flying for DAL - where did you get this info?
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    RAH recalls furloughs

    That's because you fly for the biggest D-----bag in the history of the regionals. Have you ever thought that the guys you are referring to are saying this for your benefit? Just keep telling yourself that Paul Foley is at Mesa to build the company into something great ...
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    Republic E 170 Capt

    Simply want to figure out who the guy was, by getting a good description - I might know him......
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    Republic E 170 Capt

    Can you describe what the guy looked like (without the hat ................ sitting on the bus ...........prior to the upset). I want to imagine if it was one the few that I would wish this on.
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    Republic E 170 Capt

    In defense of the original poster: We do have some tools in our midst - as do all pilot groups. Most are good guys to fly with, but if it was one of the D-----bags, then I would have enjoyed it also. I can think of a few that I would love to see blown around the ramp............... Next...